Spike O’Dell in the home stretch

It looks like longtime WGN-AM morning host Spike O’Dell is heading into the home stretch. The Sun-Times is reporting the longtime morning personality is expected to either retire at the end of the year. With a large salary and Tribune’s cash crunch, it is unlikely O’Dell will return, unless he wants a cut with pay (and the way he sounds […]

WGCI, WVAZ surge in trends

This blog usually doesn’t do trends – but there is something of note – Clear Channel-owned Urban radio stations (WGCI and WVAZ – V103) surged in part 1 of the Spring trends, with WGCI taking over first place and V103 jumping to third overall. WGN dropped to second and its share actually decreased. This is surprising, given WGN’s numbers usually […]

Chicago radio’s Winter book results

The winter books are here, and according to Arbitron (click here to see daypart info): WINNERS: WGN-AM: This could be the beginning of a long reign for longtime leader WGN-AM on top of the radio hill in Chicago, as the station fended off WGCI to remain numero uno in Chicago’s Winter Arbitron book, and is expected to remain number one […]

Chicago radio legend Wally Phillips dies

Photo: Chicago Sun-Times The undisputed king of Chicago morning radio from the 1960’s to the 1980’s has passed away at the age of 82. Wally Phillips began his legendary Chicago radio career at WGN in 1956 and became the station’s morning personality in 1965 and had the market’s top rated morning show from 1968 until he left for afternoons in […]

WLS-AM slammed for coverage of NIU shootings

From the Sun-Times’ Robert Feder (and rightfully so.) But he also praised the coverage of WBBM-AM and WGN-AM – as well as NextMedia’s west suburban classic hits outlet WERV-FM (95.9 FM, a.k.a. “The River”) for their continuing coverage of the tragedy.

WBBM-AM tops WGN-AM in revenue dept.

2007 was a good year for WBBM-AM, even if the Bears didn’t win the Super Bowl. In a stunner, the news/talk station ranked first in revenues for 2007 with $47.5 million – up from $45.9 million a year ago, surging ahead of arch rival WGN, which had $43.5 million. WGN ranked first for the last three years. WTMX’s demo-friendly upscale […]

Mo’ Radio Ratings

Because there’s more to life than Chicago and Milwaukee… Peoria: It’s a trifecta for Triad as the radio station owner holds the top three spots with Country outlet WXCL-FM leading the way. Regent’s Rhythmic outlet (WZPW-FM) finished fourth. The biggest loser here was Regent’s Active Rock station (WIXO-FM) which fell from first place in the Spring book to eighth. Ouch! […]

The Fall Arbitron books

Here are your radio Fall Arbs (+12) for: Chicago Quick analysis: Tribune’s WGN is first, but stumbled. Clear Channel’s Urban Contemporary WGCI is back in second place, while sister Urban AC WVAZ fell from fifth place to eighth (they announced a huge schedule change today – more on that later, so watch the blog.) CC’s WLIT surged to fifth place*, […]

Da Trends

The second set of trends for the Arbitron fall book for Chicago radio stations are out, and there is some movement on the chart among several radio stations. Thoughts… – It looks like WGN is going to be #1 for the foreseeable future. – WGCI rebounded to third place this trend, perhaps silencing critics (such as yours truly) -WLS-AM rebounded […]

WGN-AM sweeps Chicago summer book

A clean sweep of every major daypart kept WGN on top of the ratings in Arbitron’s summer book. WGN’s dominance started with Spike O’Dell in the mornings and went through John Williams and Cubs baseball in the afternoon. Other news of note: Mornings: – WGCI paid dearly for replacing top-rated (in 18-34) Howard McGee with syndicated Steve Harvey, with WVAZ’s […]

WLS, WGCI big losers in book

Both down a full point since last summer, while WGN blows out the competition (like the Colorado Rockies, WGN may never lose a book again!) For the complete results, click here. Update (10-16-06): No Feder today for some reason, so the daypart breakdowns will have to wait. In the meantime, here’s a Tribune story on the numbers, which contains some […]

Radio rating trend

First trend for Chicago stations – WGN a dominant number one (thanks to the Cubs), with WGCI (and WLIT) performing like the White Sox…

Amy Jacobson tells her side of the story

Amy Jacobson made the media rounds today telling her side of the story, first to Robert Feder of the Chicago Sun-Times, who broke the story yesterday, and then went to WGN-AM, and talked with Spike O’Dell. Jacobson defended her actions, and criticized WBBM-TV for the way they edited the video that someone sent in to the station, to make it […]

FEMA screws up again

This morning, Chicagoland radio and TV outlets were interrupted by the Emergency Alert System, then dead air, and then the voice of WGN-AM’s Spike O’Dell, who wondered what the heck was going on. The cause? a FEMA contractor’s installation of the state’s Emergency Alert System satellite receiver in Springfield as part of a nationwide upgrade.  

Bob Sirott heads to WGN-AM

All right, enough with Imus. We have some news on one of the best media personalities in Chicago (despite the fact he’s a Cub fan.) Bob Sirott, who currently co-anchors with Marion Brooks on WMAQ-TV’s 4:30 newscast, is returning to radio on a weekday basis – he’s landed a weekday gig at noon on WGN-AM, hosting a hour-long magazine show. […]