T Dog’s Four Pack – 3/17/09

Haven’t done it in awhile, so let’s see what’s working this week – and what’s not:

Four you should grab off the shelf

– Garry Meier on WGN-AM. After rave reviews for his recent four-day stint at the news/talk outlet, the station should just give him the vacant 1-4 afternoon slot right now. There’s no contest.

– Jon Stewart takes down Jim Cramer. He slapped down Crossfire’s Tucker Carslon and James Carville, now does the same to CNBC loudmouth Jim Cramer. Like the rest of those firms who put a lot of people out of work, he might actually join them. Thank you, Jon Stewart, you are a God!

Life On Mars getting to wrap up its storylines. It’s sad this series is going off the air, but props to ABC for letting the producers and writers pen a script for a final episode for closure. As for ABC’s owner – well…

South Park slaps down Mickey. Another Comedy Central slapdown, this time courtesy of South Park. Funniest season opener ever. Matt and Trey, can you please do a episode lampooning ESPN? I would like to see Chris Berman get his fat ass served.

Four you should leave on the shelf:

– ABC’s Lost bait and switch. Instead of an all new episode of Lost, viewers got an “enhanced repeat” instead, this breaking a promise from the Mouse House regarding sixteen straight new episodes, with NO RERUNS. Mickey is about as honest as an Illinois politician. Man, that South Park episode was dead on.

– The PTC. Another gripe about Family Guy. Really, does anybody care about what this idiot organization says anymore?

– NBC. Has network television reached the ultimate point in absurdity? NBC is bringing back I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, a reality dud that flopped on ABC in 2003. The program debuts on June 1, and is being stripped four nights a week. Is a revival of Pink Lady and Jeff and Sheriff Lobo also waiting in the wings? It seems NBC has gone back to 1979 and stayed there.

American Idol’s “Judge Save”. This should have been invented instead: The Judges Boot, where they have a right to kick off a contestant who wasn’t voted out. If this was initiated three years ago, it would have spared us anymore of Taylor Hicks.

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