T Dog’s Four Pack – Put ’em up

It’s a mid-week edition of T Dog’s Four Pack – the winners and losers of the past week: And to describe the contestants, they are split into two groups: Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.  If you follow boxing, you already know which one is the winner.(if you don’t, click the link.)

Floating like Pacquiao

– WBBM-TV brings back Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson. For one night only on November 13, the CBS-owned station brought back the former duo to 10 p.m. newscast to fill-in for Rob Johnson, who had the night off. The results? A solid second in household and in adults 25-54, behind only WLS-TV and way ahead of WMAQ-TV. Overall, a solid newscast from The Church of Tisch – the one they used to do and what WBBM should be known for, instead of the tabloid crap they put out in the 1990’s.

– Lopez Tonight. In its first week, the new TBS late-night talker drew 1.6 million viewers (with 3 million viewers on its first night thrn TBS, TNT, and TruTV) and drew more viewers than Letterman’s tired show. Plus, Lopez had the youngest median age of any late-night talker – at 33. As for the show itself, a great production – though George Lopez needs to freshen up his monologue with more topical material.

– Chicago Blackhawks. What’s this? A Chicago sports team actually winning some games? They won seven in a row at home.

– Gray Television rips into Leno experiment. The Chief Operating Officer of the station group said The Jay Leno Show in prime-time is not working and is harming his NBC affiliates’ late news (WNDU-TV in South Bend and WMTV in Madison, Wis. are some of the NBC stations Gray owns.) Finally, a station group who’s telling it like it is and not sugarcoating it – unlike others, who have their lips planted on NBC’s ass.

Stung like Miguel Cotto

Aw, this is too easy. You know the losers’ lineup for the week: The Bears, Jay Leno, FlashForward, Heroes, etc. Those guys are in the loser’s column every other week. So instead of repeating ourselves week after nauseating week, here are four OTHER set of losers:

– Rupert Murdoch. He wants to take all News Corp. material off Google’s search engines and wants YOU to pay for the company’s content. Hey Rupert – using the Bill Wirtz model hasn’t exactly worked – ask the Blackhawks. One upside: maybe he’ll blackout Fox Chicago newscasts on home TV.

– WRC-TV’s new Daily Connection. Speaking of dumb corporate media decisions, NBC’s O&O in Washington, D.C. is using re-purposed material from NBC Universal’s properties edited from the company’s headquarters in New York –  to fill out a 3 p.m. “local” show, according to the New York Observer. Call it “video voicetracking”. I didn’t know Clear Channel beat Comcast in the race to acquire NBC.

– Bloody Wednesday. Exactly a week ago, Hank, Eastwick, and Dollhouse were all canned in one day. (not decrying the cancellations, just saying they were losers to begin with.)

– Chicago Now on WGN-AM. Robert Feder blasted the Tribsters on his new blog at Vocalo last week, slamming them for airing what amounts to a four-hour infomercial featuring the dopey blogging venture on WGN Saturday mornings, and described it as a waste of time. If you’ve seen the content on Chicago Now and listened to WGN on weekends… well, it makes sense to me!