Writer’s Guild Strike Roundup

Writers Held Hostage: Day 2 The latest: – The walkout has shut down numerous shows in Hollywood until notice, notably sitcoms shot in front of studio audiences. Back to You, Two and a Half Men, ‘Til Death and The Big Bang Theory have gone dark (however, CW sitcoms Girlfriends and The Game are reportedly still in production.) – The Writer’s […]

WCKG backs out of Christmas format

WCKG planned to switch to Christmas music at 7 p.m. tonight. That is, until WLIT launched its all-Christmas format at 8:30 this morning. Speculation centered on two Christmas formats competing for listenership. But late this afternoon, WCKG abandoned that plan at the last minute. Instead, they are running Dahl clips, as they have been doing all week long, until at […]

A&E suspends production on "Dog"

After tapes of Duane “Dog” Chapman using a racial epithet surfaced on National Enquirer’s website. On the tape, he is heard talking to his son, urging him to break up with his African-American girlfriend.

The Worst Person in Media This Week (actually, last week)

Starting retroactive to last Friday, we here at the T Dog Media Blog will present a “Worst Person in Media This Week” award to a deserving individual who excels in utter stupidity. This new feature is inspired by the Worst Person in the World award Keith Olbermann gives out on his MSNBC’s Countdown show (the only cable news show worth […]

No repeat winner for Chicago on "Top Model"

You can forget a repeat for the Windy City as far as America’s Next Top Model is concerned. Chicago’s own Ebony Morgan left the competition. Like the 2007 Chicago Cubs in this year’s playoffs – she quit (technically, the Chicago area is hanging in there – Heather Kuzmich from Valparaiso, Ind. is still in the competition.) Ebony fell into the […]

T Dog’s Think Tank: Hello? You Play To Win The Game! (TV-MA)

Yours truly posted this on the PI Feedback forum regarding Thursday night’s episode of Survivor: Rant ahead: It gets kind of boring listening to these guys talk about strategy every week for ten minutes. Why “Survivor” still dominates the ratings every week is something I can’t figure out, let alone the stupid twists (maybe it’s that.) What’s with this crap […]

Bonaduce not returning to the Loop

Instead, he is expected to renew his deal to continue on Adam Carolla’s morning show on KLSX-FM in Los Angeles, which leaves the Loop (WLUP-FM, 97.9 FM) still without an afternoon personality. The drive-home position has been vacant since Zakk Tyler left. Loop owner Emmis Communications contends that the former Partridge Family star’s antics (i.e. the brawl he was involved […]

Adrienne the nut at it again

This time, the former Top Model star gored former Partridge Family and Loop star Danny Bonaduce into a fight with former Survivor contestant Johnny Fairplay (or Dalton, or whatever) at the Reality TV Awards (and I thought this stuff only happened at the hip-hop awards…) Note the word “former” in this post. It’s used a lot. Maybe Ms. Curry should […]

Fox pulls "Nashville"

If you had Nashville in the dead TV show pool, you win. Was it even on the air? Fox barely promoted this show. Repeats of K-Ville takes the Friday night 7 p.m. slot for now.

Kid Nation fianlly airs

And as of this writing, it’s still on the air (it actually did well in the ratings). But it was light on the ads. And to no one’s surprise, most critics hated the series. Meanwhile, Back to You and Kitchen Nightmares rocked in their debuts, but Gossip Girl tanked losing from its lead-in and underperforming from year-ago time period levels. […]

Cubs dominate the ratings

This summer’s reality shows are taking a back seat to the ultimate reality show: The Cubs chase for the National League’s Central Division Championship. Wednesday night’s Dodgers-Cubs game was the highest rated program in prime-time and the entire broadcast day in Chicago, according to Nielsen with a whopping 11 rating and 19 share (second item. Yeah, there’s a first item, […]

Advertisers pass on "Kid Nation"

Several blue-chip advertisers are passing on Kid Nation, the controversial Lord of the Files-type reality show where kids 8-to-15 years old build and run their own town without the help of any adults. Among the advertisers skipping the show are Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Co., and Anheuser-Busch (obviously.) The program has been dogged for weeks with allegations of child-labor […]