T Dog’s Think Tank: Hello? You Play To Win The Game! (TV-MA)

Yours truly posted this on the PI Feedback forum regarding Thursday night’s episode of Survivor:

Rant ahead: It gets kind of boring listening to these guys talk about strategy every week for ten minutes. Why “Survivor” still dominates the ratings every week is something I can’t figure out, let alone the stupid twists (maybe it’s that.) What’s with this crap about these girls throwing the challenge? Winning isn’t important? In the words of Kansas City Chiefs coach Herman Edwards, “Hello? You play to win the game!” Worst. Episode. Ever. Vote all these guys off, they suck. Get your popcorn ready, because I’m watching another show. Thank you. (and thanks to T.O. for that popcorn quote. Hilarious.)

These losers need a talking to from Herman Edwards himself (this is from his days when was head coach of the New York Jets:)

One could wonder if Mr. Edwards or Mike Ditka was coaching this tribe, they would be kicking somebody’s ass right about now. Hell, they need a tongue-lashing from Tyra Banks. The actions of this tribe (who can’t seem to win anything) says a lot about today’s spoiled generation. After two of the girls decided to throw the immunity challenge, one idiot in the losing tribe said, “Yeah, she threw the challenge, but I’m keeping her because I feel safe with her.”

This moron is full of it. Winning on this episode of Survivor isn’t important? Are these people high? Why even bother showing up for the immunity challenges? You’re playing to win a million freaking dollars, not a lifetime supply of Turtle Wax. No wonder reality TV shows have no credibility or integrity (I know, I know, they didn’t have any to begin with.)

This tribe is who we thought they were. You want to crown them as complete total idiots, then crown their ass! Someone should send Dennis Green to China and yell at these jackasses for a hour, particularly those two girls.

You play to win the game. Plain and simple. If that isn’t the point, then what is? Some people in the next generation don’t seem to understand that.

Survivor and snack foods

And what is with these stupid twists on this show? They switched two of the strongest members of each tribe in a rather uneventful part of the show. There are so many twists in this show, it’s basically become a pretzel, and a stale one at that (and someone feed that skinny girl, she needs twenty bags of potato chips, stat!)

The producers of Survivor are a bunch of dips who are clearly missing their chips. They completely waste my time and everyone else’s with their crap each and every week. Like the contestants of this show, the producers of Survivor are utter morons. Thursday night’s episode was total bullshit, and they know it. Get your popcorn ready, because as far as I’m concerned, this show is over.

Herman Edwards said if winning doesn’t matter, then retire. It’s time for Survivor to do the same.

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