The Worst Person in Media This Week (actually, last week)

Starting retroactive to last Friday, we here at the T Dog Media Blog will present a “Worst Person in Media This Week” award to a deserving individual who excels in utter stupidity.

This new feature is inspired by the Worst Person in the World award Keith Olbermann gives out on his MSNBC’s Countdown show (the only cable news show worth watching) and on Sunday Night Football’s halftime show (Worst Person in the NFL).

The Worst Person In Media This Week can be anybody – a Hollywood star, a media executive, a radio personality, a reality contestant , a politician (they alone will probably account for half of the awards) – just about anyone who appears on TV and on radio and works behind the scenes.

I’m awarding two awards this week, one today for last week and on Friday, I’ll award one for this week.

There are many nominees for the first award. Glenn Beck for his insensitive comment on the California Wildfires come to mind, or NBC executives for hastily scheduling a new show (Phenomenon) that wasn’t on the fall schedule with little promotion (and airing forty promos during Heroes does not count.) Then, there’s the Parents Television Council and the FCC, whose antics will make them nominees every week.

But yours truly decided to award the first ever Worst Person In Media This Week to Tyra Banks of The Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model (applause). See the post just below this one to find out why. Congratulations, Tyra! You are the first ever recipient of The Worst Person In Media This Week award from The T Dog Media Blog.