FCC rejects complaints from Chicago, Milwaukee groups

Nineteen TV stations in Chicago and Milwaukee won vindication from the FCC  after the agency rejected another bogus complaint from a media activist group. This time it was the Chicago Media Action and the Milwaukee Public Interest Media Collation, fronts for the Media Access Project, who claims that the stations ignored non-federal races in a month leading up to the […]

The XM/Sirius merger is on the clock

No, we’re not back to our lame “on the clock” anthology before the NFL draft…. but the XM/Sirius merger really is on the clock. The FCC has accepted the application for the merger, and now it has started the unofficial 180-day period of reviewing the deal. Comments and petitions for and against the deal are due July 9 and responses […]

Court throws out Fox’s profanity case

A federal court has thrown out the FCC’s profanity ruling against Fox over two Billboard Music Awards broadcasts and said the agency’s “fleeting expletives” policy was “failing to articulate a reason basis for its change in policy.” You can download the decision here (thanks to TV Barn for the link; you must have a PDF reader to view the document.) […]

More trouble for CBS Radio? (And for Ozzie?) (Updated)

It looks like the post-Imus effects have finally hit Chicago. And not surprisingly, A.J. Pierzynski is involved. According to Chicagoland Radio and Media, there could be trouble for Ozzie Guillen and Mike North. (The audio is available at 670thescore.com.) Mike North maybe getting a call from a Mr. Mason, and I don’t mean Perry. And I wonder how long it […]

WCIU launching new kids show

WCIU-TV is launching a new locally-produced Saturday morning children’s show called Green Screen Adventures, in which Chicago Public School students’ stories will be transformed into real-life television experiences. The show will use the same green-screen technology used in TV weather reports, hence the name Green Screen Adventures. The program airs Saturday morning at 7 a.m. and meets the educational requirements […]

More BS from the FCC and the NAB

The FCC has determined that the iPod is not a competitor to satellite radio, a possible blow to the hopes of XM and Sirius merging. Who’s celebrating this? The National Association of Broadcasters, of course. That’s the group (along with the RIAA) that doesn’t want you to have a choice of what platform you want to listen to your music. […]

WVAZ (V103) gets license renewal

Post No. 200! The Sun-Times Robert Feder reports that Urban AC WVAZ-FM (or V103) “dodged a bullet” from the FCC and renewed the station’s license after it rejected a complaint from a Joliet listener who claims that her family was slandered and harassed by the syndicated Tom Joyner radio show.  

It’s official: XM and Sirius to merge

If this comes to pass, they’d better hope the Republicans are in control of Congress and the White House in 2008. XM Press Release There will be a joint conference call and press conference to announce the deal at 7:30 am (CT) Tuesday. You can listen to it on Sirius Channel 122 and XM Channel 200, and available on each […]

UPDATED: Finally! A decision the FCC made that actually makes sense

The FCC rejected a rather bogus license challenge from Third Coast Press over Chicago’s 18 television stations. (I’ve never heard of them either.) While there are problems with local news, it’s not up to special interest groups (left or right) to determine what should be on newscasts, let alone what programming should be on local television stations. Update: Here is […]

Worst. Commissioner. Ever.

Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco calls for the resignation of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. Couldn’t agree more. In the words of The Simpsons‘ Comic Book Guy: Worst. Commissioner. Ever.

The 2006 T Dog Blog Turkey Awards

Welcome to the first annual T Dog Blog Turkey Awards. We’re here to reward stupidity and simpletonism in the fields of broadcasting and in media in 2006 (so far.) Judging by the long list of winners (or shall we say “losers”? ), 2006 was a busy year for being stupid, ignorant, lame, boring, moronic, etc… You get the point. So, […]