I was right!

But I wish I wasn’t… Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti has signed a multi-year contract extension with the paper.

Thought: I guess the Reader Alienation Plan continues at the Sun-Times. Read the Think Tank I wrote last week. Didn’t I tell you? And to think the FCC is ready to bail out the newspaper industry by axing the cross-ownership rules. Once again, Big Media gives us the middle finger. Whether its Sun-Times Editor Michael Cooke or the Bush Administration and their lackey Kevin Martin, they can give less than a damn about what their constituents think and do whatever the hell they want, regardless of what the public thinks.

And this comes as the Sun-Times is prepared to make more cuts… which means more layoffs. In other words, its basically telling their employees that, compared to Mariotti – you’re worthless.

My only hope is The CW doesn’t read this story. I guess a contract extension for Dawn Ostroff isn’t too far off…

It’s a sad day for journalism in the Windy City. Chicago deserves better than this. There’s no credibility left and Big Media doesn’t care. Hopefully, America elects the right person to the White House this fall to take control of our media from the corporations and bring it back to the public where it belongs.