And another thing…

And on a personal note: The comments section in the Tribune over the Channel 2 layoffs has turned into a free-for-all, with yours truly joining in the fray (scroll way down. Flame war, baby!) Don’t know how Family Guy and Adult Swim came up in all of this… but if yours truly is one of those responsible for sending the country downhill, I am so freaking proud of it. Obviously, the freedom of speech and the freedom of choice isn’t important to a lot of people.

People like Kevin Martin of the FCC.

People like The Parents Television Council.

People like The American Family Association.

People who want to control the viewing habits of others.

People like those in Big Media.

And apparently, 98 percent of the idiots who post comments on the Tribune and Sun-Times websites (except those who bash Jay Mariotti.)

Now, you tell me who is really sending the country down the toilet.

So, if I am sending the country downhill, good. But keep in mind there is a man in the White House and his administration who has had an eight-year head start.