Dumb post of the day

A poster on Radio-Info.com wrote the following:

Since most TV & cable networks have declined in morale & the liberal biases & the big corporations & the reality programming that are ruining quality television today, here’s how congress should act in the way we watch television or listen to the radio. Because 25 years ago, there was nothing but quality television. You either had good or bad choices & the choices were good. My idea for congress is to tell them you want quality television, just like what happened back in the day before big media & those Republican counterparts have ruined it. Just go tell your congressman or senators to tell them we want quality television back, & that’s what the Quality Television Act comes in. It won’t likely be passed in the house this year because we’ve got a Republican in the White House, but do the best you can to pass this bill. But it doesn’t mean that will get rid of the smut & the reality that we’re seeing today. Call your 435 members of congress & demand them we want better television for the people, since we live in a democracy! That’s all. Thank you for your time.

Oh yeah, never mind there’s a energy crisis in this country (unless you love paying $5 a gallon for gas), escalating royalties that threaten to put both Internet and terrestrial radio owners (small ones) out of business, the sagging economy, and innocent children getting gunned down in the street every day.

And this is what this idiot is worried about? Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? This guy obviously flunked his history classes.

If there is one thing both the far left and the far right agree on, is their complete hatred for TV and their moronic beliefs that the medium is solely responsible for the country’s social ills.

You don’t need a Master’s Degree to figure out there’s an off switch if you don’t like what’s on TV or on the radio (and you don’t even need them in the house!) Judging by this inane post, it’s apparent this guy doesn’t even have a sixth grade education. If you what a government that controls content, move to China, that wonderful bastion of democracy. Pack your bags, sir?

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