Get ready for the crosstown classic (yawn)

It’s the second series meeting between the Cubs and the White Sox this season, this time at U.S. Cellular Field. Enjoy it baseball fans because after this weekend, baseball season in Chicago will be officially over. Bring on Da Bears!

Hidden Palms to be hidden in Chicago

Tonight’s premiere of CW’s Hidden Palms is being delayed in the Windy City until Saturday Night because of something like a Cubs-Marlins game, but it doesn’t really matter. Judging by this review, this show has about as much buzz as The Stanley Cup Finals.

Sam Zell wins Tribune auction: Cubs to be sold (Updated)

Chicago billionaire Sam Zell has won the auction for control of the Tribune Co., paying $13 billion to beat out two Los Angeles-area billionaires with a winning bid of $34 a share. Zell is also supporting the new investment with a $315 million influx of cash. In addition, Mr. Zell will became a board member, and will become chairman once […]

The 2006 T Dog Blog Turkey Awards

Welcome to the first annual T Dog Blog Turkey Awards. We’re here to reward stupidity and simpletonism in the fields of broadcasting and in media in 2006 (so far.) Judging by the long list of winners (or shall we say “losers”? ), 2006 was a busy year for being stupid, ignorant, lame, boring, moronic, etc… You get the point. So, […]