Big Media does it again!

On Tuesday, I had a post up on a story in which Jay Mariotti bashes Cubs fans, and the Sun-Times feedback section below was filled with anti-Mariotti comments. Late Tuesday evening, the feedback section disappeared not only from the Cubs article, but all of Mariotti’s articles (All other articles had their comments section intact.)

In today’s Sports TV/Radio column in the Chicago Tribune, Teddy Greenstein reports that Mariotti asked Sun-Times management to have the comments section removed from his column online (third item), and they did.

I guess the Reader Alienation Plan continues at the Chicago Daily Onion, who proudly boasts that they are the most-read paper in Chicago. Who’ s writing the marketing slogans at the paper, NBC? Or is it Donald (“The Apprentice is the number one show on TV!”) Trump?

So now, we can’t criticize a slimeball like Jay Mariotti? Did he became a member of the Bush Administration overnight?

Look, jackasses. You either do a feedback section for your website, or not. This is so typical of Big Media. The Parents Television Council wants to squash free speech and so does Big Media.

We should be afraid. Very afraid.