Will the viewers come back?

All right, the strike is finally over. Now comes the toughest task of all: trying to win the viewers back. When Major League Baseball went on strike in 1994 and when the NHL players were locked out twice in the last fifteen years, it hurt both sports tremendously, and some teams are still feeling the effects. Locally, the Chicago White […]

The 2007 T Dog Media Blog Turkey Awards

With the Pumpkin Pie Awards for Excellence Welcome to the second annual T Dog Media Blog Turkey Awards. Once again, we’re here to serve up the disasters in media in 2007. I have nineteen¬†turkeys to hand out… so let’s get gobbling! And this year’s awards go to… – The Chicago Bears. A Super Bowl hangover this year. And especially Rex […]

Say goodbye to Cubs, Phillies

… and possibly to a decently-rated World Series if either the Yankees and/or Red Sox don’t advance in the playoffs. Look for the World Series to join the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals in the ratings dumpster if neither team makes it there.

Cubs a ratings flop?

The only reason yours truly is quoting this article is because the numbers are here. Otherwise, I would not recommend it because Sherman failed to note that DVR usage is at an all-time high, as less and less people are watching TV live and time-shifting their programming, and that includes the Cubs. With the late start for the two games, […]

Cubs fans not happy with playoffs on TBS

And the fact that games one and two are on at 9 p.m, Game 4 on Sunday at noon, etc. (just be grateful your team made the playoffs, okay?) This article from the Trib is about TBS getting the divisional series and the NLCS on an exclusive basis (no over-the-air broadcasts) per the new deal. Chicago (city proper, excluding the […]

What a day in Chicago sports

The Bears lose, the Cubs fall out of first place, and the White Sox lose as usual. Right now, these three teams make any of the new fall shows look good by comparison. If these three were TV shows, they all would be gone after the first episode. Anyone who watched Anchorwoman sure were lucky. Unlike these three, they didn’t […]

Cubs dominate the ratings

This summer’s reality shows are taking a back seat to the ultimate reality show: The Cubs chase for the National League’s Central Division Championship. Wednesday night’s Dodgers-Cubs game was the highest rated program in prime-time and the entire broadcast day in Chicago, according to Nielsen with a whopping 11 rating and 19 share (second item. Yeah, there’s a first item, […]

Yes, CSN!

While basketball and hockey playoff ratings were dead in the water this past spring, The New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs are on fire this summer, and so are the regional sports networks that carry them. Tuesday’s Brewers-Cubs game on Comcast SportsNet drew a 8.1 Nielsen rating, easily outranking other fare on both broadcast and cable in the Chicago […]

Radio rating trend

First trend for Chicago stations – WGN a dominant number one (thanks to the Cubs), with WGCI (and WLIT) performing like the White Sox…

Cubs beat "Singing Bee"

On Wednesday night, Chicagoans had a choice between the Cubs and Joey Fatone. Chicagoans made the right decision. The Cubs-Phillies games on Comcast SportsNet drew a 6.9 Nielsen rating in prime-time on Wednesday night (second item), making it the top-ranked network (broadcast and cable), beating the news coverage of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis on the cable news networks (whose […]

Must Flee TV

With the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals, two events that also tanked in the ratings, at least you had teams compete for a championship. But the Chicago White Sox aren’t even close to doing that this year – and games on Comcast SportsNet are averaging a 1.6 Nielsen rating – down 40 percent from last year (last item). It’s […]

Get ready for the crosstown classic (yawn)

It’s the second series meeting between the Cubs and the White Sox this season, this time at U.S. Cellular Field. Enjoy it baseball fans because after this weekend, baseball season in Chicago will be officially over. Bring on Da Bears!