Who’s in your four?

It’s been dreary around here lately, so let’s lighten the mood a little bit with a new feature: Introducing T Dog’s “Who’s in your four?”

T Dog’s Fab Four

– The Olympics ratings. Friday’s opening ceremonies rocked, scoring higher ratings than any other non-U.S. opening ceremony. The games are dominating prime-time, with high numbers for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – and up 16 percent from Athens’ 2004 totals. But the claws are already out… In the words of R&B artist Alexander O’Neal, “She’s a Fake…”

– Chicago Baseball. Who’d thought people would still talk about the Cubs and White Sox in August at the same time?

– Michael Phelps. Is this swimmer hot or what? He’s heating up the water!

– The rise and rise of Comic-Con. Is it getting too big for its own good? The Trib’s Maureen Ryan investigates.

Extra Fab: To WTMX-FM’s morning duo of Eric and Kathy who raised $1.7 million in their recent radio-thon for the Children’s Memorial Hospital.

T Dog’s Flop Four

– Summer TV. Except for Wipeout, not too much to note. Look on the bright side: six more weeks to go until the start of the new season.

– Tori Spelling leaves 90210. I think she’ll eventually be signed, but The Church of Tisch (CBS) wouldn’t up her pay to the level former stars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty got. I guess they’ll use the money they would’ve paid her to give WBBM-TV boss Joe Ahern another marble shower.

– Daytime SportsCenter. What’s the difference between a new edition of SportsCenter and a rerun? The same useless analysis of the Yankees and the antics of Manny Ramirez. Only fresher.

– Chicago’s Olympics ratings. For a city that’s making noise about landing the Olympics in eight years, we didn’t exactly gather around the TV sets with Chicago not making the top 10 metered Nielsen markets. The top-rated market? San Diego (on KNSD-TV), with a 26.5 household rating and 49 share.

Toss Up

– Darkmane. He wanted us to foil the X Games. Could he show up at Wrigley in October?

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