EliteXC knocked out

Meet the latest victim of Floptober (a.k.a. Darkmane strikes again.)

In the end, it wasn’t Kimbo Slice, Seth what’s-his-name (McFarlane? nah…), and UFC that knocked EliteXC out. It was a foe that has been knocking everything out left and right as of late:

The weak economy.

Due to a lack of funds, Showtime Networks and ProElite have shuttered the Mixed Martial Arts league, effective immediately. EliteXC was home to ultimate fighters Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock and the league had their events broadcast on pay-per-view, Showtime, and on CBS (CBS and Showtime areboth owned by CBS Corp.)

Three EliteXC events aired on CBS this year, providing mixed rating results. Two of the events featured Slice, which garnered the highest ratings. However, Slice lasted just fourteen seconds in the main event in the last prime-time special on October 4, being knocked out by unknown fighter Seth Petruzelli, who was a last-minute replacement for Ken Shamrock, who was ordered not to fight by medical personnel.

The stunning upset was even more shocking (at least to yours truly) than the Los Angeles Dodgers’ sweep over the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the National League Divisional Series, which occured on the same night. But it will be the baseball playoff that’ll be remembered far more longer than a fourteen second main event fight in a now-defunct MMA league.


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    • With the closure of EliteXC, there goes the only promotion that really gave women MMA fighters an opportunity. Dana White has shown no interest in a women’s division in UFC. He could make a ot of money promoting a Gina/Cyborg fight. Or anything involving Gina for that metter. I predict this year’s World Series will be one of the lowest rated ever.

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