The address is CBS for 2014-15 (or not)

CBSCBS unveiled its 2014-15 primetime schedule at an upfront presentation in New York Wednesday and introduced eight new series to the world.

Among the announcements made at the conference call was the (not-so-surprising) end to Two And A Half Men in May 2015 after twelve seasons – the longest running live-action sitcom since My Three Sons, which also lasted twelve years and went off CBS in August 1972.

Also making news was CBS passing on How I Met Your Dad, a spinoff of the recently concluded How I Met your Mother, with CBS finding fault with the pilot.

And by the way, CBS officials said the word “midseason” no longer applies to The Church Of Tisch. Whatever.

There are some major changes to CBS’ schedule, from dismantling its Monday comedy lineup to moving The Amazing Race to Friday.

The Big Bang Theory isn’t letting Thursday Night Football slow it down: Sheldon and the gang are temporarily moving to the lead-off position on Monday night, until Oct. 27, when 2 Broke Girls take over. Big Bang returns to Thursday on October 30 when Thursday Night Football exclusively moves to the NFL Network.

Following Big Bang/2 Broke Girls is Mom, and she is followed by new drama Scorpion and the relocated NCIS: Los Angeles. While CBS won’t have four comedies slotted on Monday nights for the first time since the 1985-86 season, it does mark the first time since 1951 – yes, 1951! – that CBS is airing something other than a sitcom in the Monday 9 p.m. ET time slot. (The last non-sitcom to occupy the time slot was a variety show hosted by Horace Heidt. His show was replaced the next season by something called I Love Lucy.)

Tuesdays starts off with NCIS and ends with Person Of Interest, with NCIS changing its location from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Wednesday night has a new thriller called Stalker, which follows Survivor and Criminal Minds (the latter a perfect fit.)

As mentioned before, Thursday nights will have football until Oct. 30, when Big Bang returns from Monday and The Millers return from summer vacation. Next is Men, followed by new multicam sitcom The McCarthys, and the night is capped off with the much-improved Elementary.

The Amazing Race shifts to Friday, anchoring a lineup including Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods. With Saturdays remaining unchanged, Sunday has new drama Madam Secretary (replacing Race) and after The Good Wife, is the original CSI, replaced later in the season by CSI: Cyber.

The Mentalist, along with Mike & Molly and Undercover Boss, are being held for midseason, as we still call it. In addition to Cyber, new shows scheduled to midseason premiers are Battle Creek and a new version of The Odd Couple.

For the entire schedule and full descriptions of each new show, click here for the official press release.

Analysis: CBS is indeed shaking it up for 2015. But will all this result in more or less viewers?

CBS acknowledges their Mondays stink, and having Bog Bang on for four weeks or so isn’t going to help. There’s going to be more CSI and NCIS spinoffs? Whoopee! Wait, I thought it was CSI getting the New Orleans spinoff.

CBS’ new Stalker fits in perfectly with Criminal Minds, as does The McCarthys on Thursdays with Two And A Half Men. But do we really need another comedy about a loud, dysfunctional family? CBS would’ve been better off remaking Mama’s Family. And speaking of remakes, why do we need another Odd Couple revival? And Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison? Shouldn’t he be Felix?

Sunday’s new Madame Secretary would be a good lead-in to female-skewing drama The Good Wife. But the premise (political drama where she battles world and home problems) is a little old hat.

Indeed, a lot of changes here and CBS’ ratings are not likely to slip at much. Unfortunately, The Church Of Tisch’s over dependence on the CSI/NCIS formula is likely to come back and nip them sooner than later. Consider this lineup disappointing.