Chicago TV sinks to a new low – they hire Mancow

This is just another excuse to run this photo again.

Chicago’s worst-run television duopoly meets Chicago’s worst radio personality.

Confirming news that was speculated since July, local Fox executives have signed radio personality Erich “Mancow” Mueller to a deal, simulcasting two hours of his nationally syndicated radio show on WPWR-TV every weekday from 6 to 8 a.m., in a story first reported by Robert Channick in the Chicago Tribune.

Specifics of the deal were not made public.

The show is called MANCOW! in all caps (I guess the title IDIOT! was taken.) The show starts sometime this fall, but a start date has not been announced.

Hooray! We get to see Mancrap – er, I mean Mancow’s ugly face every morning. Oh, lordy! What did we do to deserve this? Why is this IQ-deficient moron still around?

In a statement published in the Tribune, WFLD/WPWR vice president and general manager Mike Renda – who, judging by the low ratings for each station, couldn’t manage a chain of Dairy Queens let alone two local TV outlets, blabbered: “This fall, Chicagoans will get a backstage pass into one of the most provocative radio programs in this market. Viewers will have unlimited access into Mancow with a live, unedited simulcast that will bring this dynamic voice to life.”

Yeah, just what us Chicagoans need – a pass backstage into Mancow’s show where the Tostitos are stale and so is his tired act. Yours truly predicts this abomination will become the first show in TV history to get a negative Nielsen rating. No one wants to see this annoying jackass run his mouth, let alone hear him run his mouth.

As you know, Mancow left the airwaves in 2006 when his contract to the former Q101 wasn’t renewed after an eight-year run amid declining ratings and was off Chicago radio until landing on Elmhurst-based WJJG-AM (1530) earlier this year.

So what’s next? Fox Chicago signing Survivor jackass Colton Cumbie to do a show? Or what about Evelyn Lozada from that Basketball Wives show? I suppose coming up next, WIQI signs the annoying Jenny McCarthy to do a morning show and it’ll be simulcast on WFLD after Good Day Chicago. What the hell, the sky’s the limit!

Anyway you put it, Mantard’s – whoops, I’m sorry… Mancow’s signing is another genius move by the idiots who run our local media outlets, whose blunders over the years (such as the recent TribLocal fiasco and the FM News mess), has made Chicago the worst media market in the country [if you leave out L.A., Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Cleveland], led by the incompetent Renda (wasn’t he supposed to be fired?) and the antics of Randy “Court Jester” Michaels and other morons, like Tribune editor Gerould Kern. After all, what other market had a news reporter went swimming in a suspect’s pool, hired a trash-talk TV host to do commentaries on the nightly news, employ slanderous sports columnists,  make employees pay for their expensive lunches and parties, newspapers who put annoying celebs on the front page, and execs who hold raunchy poker parties at the Tribune Tower? I know I’ve said this before, Chicago media is nothing more but a freak show.

And as corrupt this city is, no wonder Mancow and other wore-out-their-welcome media personalities keep hanging around. It’s the Chicago way. Hey, how did Mike North and Dan Jiggetts fare at CBS 2 with their 2010 morning show after flopping at Comcast SportsNet with a similar show? Banana Splits reruns would’ve gotten higher ratings.

So just keep on serving up the has-beens, Chicago media. Mantard’s signing is another reason why the broadcasting business – radio and television – is dying.

(Post updated at 1:25 a.m. on 2012-08-23 – some incorrect information was found in the second paragraph. T Dog Media regrets the error. – T. H.)


3 thoughts on “Chicago TV sinks to a new low – they hire Mancow

    • hahahahahaaaa!!! Love your critique of this moron. Oh, how the ‘mighty’ have fallen (although his greatness was never more than his own arrogance, imho)

      I can’t believe a show from WJJG is “nationally syndicated.” But there will always be morons who follow other morons. Personally I love that he has been ghettoized to a station from Elmhurst and WPWR Ch. 50 from 6-8am. He just keeps falling lower and lower on the ladder. It’s the next best thing to him being completely off the air.

      • And as I type this, I’m sitting right across from the studio where Mancow does his show. I hope he doesn’t read this ;-)

      • This nut is so disrepectful, I notice when ever a black person speaks this but hole will put on music. I believe he puts them on his show to humilate them. such a racist!!! and another thing; why does he hate President Obama so much? Mancow should immediately be taken off the air!!!

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