Hidden Palms to be hidden in Chicago

Tonight’s premiere of CW’s Hidden Palms is being delayed in the Windy City until Saturday Night because of something like a Cubs-Marlins game, but it doesn’t really matter. Judging by this review, this show has about as much buzz as The Stanley Cup Finals.

Analysis on the new Fox and CW schedules

I decided to put the analysis of the Fox and CW schedules on this post instead of “burying” them after the announced fall schedules on separate posts. So here goes…. Fox: Because of post-season baseball and the return of American Idol and 24 in January, Fox’s schedule next season is separated into two parts, with an emphasis on midseason. The […]

CW’s new fall schedule

From USA Today: (All times ET/PT – CT and MT subtract number by one – new shows in bold) –Sunday7 – CW Now7:30 – Online Nation8 – Life Is Wild9 – America’s Next Top Model (repeat) Monday8 p.m. -Everybody Hates Chris8:30 – Aliens in America9 – Girlfriends9:30 – The Game –Tuesday8 – Beauty and the Geek9 – The Reaper –Wednesday8 […]

CW gets real

The CW is doing what MyNetworkTV decided to do earlier this season to boost ratings: load up on reality. The second season for the CW will feature three new reality shows, scheduled to debut in midseason. Beauty and the Geek will now run regularly on Tuesdays, replacing the now-disposed of Gilmore Girls. A new drama, Gossip Girl, will take the […]

‘Veronica’, ‘All of Us’ done

CW renews five shows; Fox renews 24 for two more Reports are circulating that The CW has canceled Veronica Mars and All of Us, both third-season shows. Barring a last-minute miracle, Veronica is all but done. What is official is that The CW has renewed Girlfriends and The Game (both will likely retain their Monday slots despite poor ratings) as […]

CW cancels ‘Gilmore Girls’

The girls are sent a packin’ after seven seasons…. The program averaged a 1.8 ratings in the money demo (A 18-49), which is strong for the CW, but doesn’t cut it for a REAL network (which it needs to be.) As for who will replace the Gilmores- Let the speculation begin. Get your message boards ready…

Channel 9 traveling down on slippery slope?

That’s the question Robert Feder is asking in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, where we writes about WGN-Channel 9’s planned move to air two-minute tourism features weekly between April and July on the station’s 9 p.m. newscast – sponsored by the Illinois Department of Tourism. According to the station’s news director, they will ask the Department of Tourism on advice on the […]

No, we did not all turn gay

The T Dog Media Blog After Dark (That means that we can swear!) In this MediaLife article, Toni Fitzgerald reports that the new CW series The Pussycat Dolls Present : The Search For The Next Doll, the reality program actually attracts more female viewers than male ones. She says that it is basically a no-brainer: “The internet offers all the […]

TCA Update

The latest from the tour: -The CW announced that its is streaming programs from cwtv.com shortly after their airdate, beginning immediately. The programs include all of the net Monday’s comedies, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Beauty and the Geek, and Supernatural. -Meanwhile, the network is planning to premiere two new reality shows in the next few weeks: Crowned, a mother-daughter beauty […]

Hey, what ever happened to that Top Model?

For the second year in a row, Chicago Bears offensive linesman-turned-broadcaster Tom Thayer has been selected to become the official spokesperson of the city of Joilet, a suburb southwest of Chicago. The response to the ad campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, according to city officials. Thayer, part of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion team, was a hometown football standout at […]

CW showing signs of life

The CW actually had a successful November book, according to this article in Mediaweek. According to analysts, at the end of the season, the new network could match the ratings of its predecessor, the WB.

So… how that’s working out for ya?

Aaron Barnhart of TV Barn interviews the GMs of the local Kansas City MyNetworkTV (KSMO-TV) and CW (KCWE-TV) affiliates, and finds that the rough is going for both of the affiliates of the new networks. Several interesting finds: 1.) The CW’s ratings are down in Kansas City from both WB and UPN. (In Chicago however, CW’s ratings have been somewhat […]

The 2006 T Dog Blog Turkey Awards

Welcome to the first annual T Dog Blog Turkey Awards. We’re here to reward stupidity and simpletonism in the fields of broadcasting and in media in 2006 (so far.) Judging by the long list of winners (or shall we say “losers”? ), 2006 was a busy year for being stupid, ignorant, lame, boring, moronic, etc… You get the point. So, […]

Tribune Watch

Here is the latest: The Chicago Sun-Times has reported in today’s editions that Gannett Co. may be interested in buying Tribune’s newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune. In today’s editions of Crain’s Chicago Business, the business paper asks if Tyra Banks can boost Tribune Co.? According to the article, Tribune’s CW stations in the top three markets (WPIX– New York, KTLA […]