Deconstructing Feder

Picking apart Feder from the Sun-Times today:

– While other CBS-owned stations saw ratings increases in the just concluded November sweeps (I’ll have a post on November sweeps figures shortly), the free fall continues at WBBM-TV, whose ratings were flat in households and down 15 percent in adults 25-54. And this comes after one of the best investigative reports in years from political reporter Mike Flannery regarding the loony antics of Illinois political joke Rod Blagojevich. It was a refreshing throwback to the Kurtis-Jacobson era at WBBM.

– Remember the WGN-TV license challenge yours truly talked about the other day? Turned out it was someone from Naperville who filed the complaint to the FCC.

No surprise, given Naperville probably has the largest number of Parents Television Council members in the area and want to impose their bland tastes on the rest of Chicago. But hey, at least give WGN some credit. They’re one of the few Tribune stations that doesn’t air “Jerry Springer”.

– Feder mentions Thursday night’s Bears-Redskins game on WPWR (Channel 50) and goes on to say: “probably will be the first time Channel 50 has drawn a double-digit rating since it joined the Fox family. Then it’ll be back to the embarrassing anonymity of MyNetworkTV.”

The “embarrassing anonymity” moniker should also apply to The CW, who has been just as invisible. Check out the ratings for CW’s Sunday night lineup and you’ll see what I mean.

– And former WBBM-FM jock Brian Middleton has landed on his feet as a evening personality at rhythmic AC WILV-FM (Love FM).