Reap the rewards

Tonight’s pick to click (you at home select yours): –Reaper. This is a show that is check-out worthy. It’s a dramedy (yes, it’s a term we haven’t used since the Molly Dodd days) about a big-box employee who works for the Devil. Literally. You can read more in Maureen Ryan’s review of the show here. Should be a hoot. Meanwhile, […]

Bachelor’s is a hit again…. Aw, hell naw!

Last night’s finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentlemean finished No. 1 in the ratings last night (in its time period) with 13 million viewers and beat the much-hyped 24 and Heroes season finales. Well, here we go…. -Who’s watching this crap? Cubs fans? They’re used to watching mediocrity…. -Given this nation’s obsession with Anna, Paris, and Britney, nobody’s […]

Get a grip

Parents are upset at a teacher for appearing in the current installment of The Bachelor – and the fact that she lied to school administrators in the Houston suburb of Sugarland – particularly during students’ testing period (which were given by a substitute.) Scenes were even filmed in the classroom. Get a grip, people. It’s not like they found a […]