Reap the rewards

Tonight’s pick to click (you at home select yours):

Reaper. This is a show that is check-out worthy. It’s a dramedy (yes, it’s a term we haven’t used since the Molly Dodd days) about a big-box employee who works for the Devil. Literally. You can read more in Maureen Ryan’s review of the show here. Should be a hoot.

Meanwhile, the pick to skip is Cane. It’s a new drama about the sugar industry. Yep, the sugar industry. In other words, it’s Dallas with sugar instead of oil. While the program has a mostly Latino cast, Resurrection Blvd. it’s not.

Cane, you can put it on the board, no!

Last night’s results- click here for the household ratings and adult 18-49 numbers (when they are available)

Chuck (which whored out to KISS-FM for a day) and The Big Bang Theory got off to a good start in adults 18-49, with Chucks ratings increasing in the second half-hour.

Dancing With the Stars dominates yet again, number one show for the evening.

Journeyman’s journey may be short.

The Bachelor really needs to go away like a bad toothache. It lost half of Dancing’s lead-in.

– Fox’s Prison Break and K-Ville took at hit, with K-Ville dropping 30 percent week-to-week in 18-49’s.

Heroes’ season premiere was up from last year’s debut (up 10%), but last night’s episode was somewhat disjointed. Did Rex Grossman join the writing staff, or something?

Side note: While Dancing With the Stars won easily among women 25-54 (10.3/23), Heroes also scored among men 18-34 with a 7.8/20, while Dancing managed only a 2.5/6 in that demo. Only more proof that us guys hate sissy shows like Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. Go Heroes!

updated 10:28 pm