Rick Dees heads to ABC Radio Networks

Venerable radio personality Rick Dees is heading back to ABC Radio Networks after signing a development deal with the company. Dees, who was the morning personality at Top 40 outlet KIIS-FM in Los Angeles for 23 years (until he was replaced by Ryan Seacrest in 2004) and now is in the same capacity at Emmis’ KMVN-FM (Movin 93.9), will develop […]

"Do Not Disturb" checks out

If you had Do Not Disturb in your pool as the first program to be canceled this new season, you win! Fox officially dropped the Faulty Towers rip-off after three episodes. The program starred Jerry O’Connell and Niecy Nash (and where do outlandishly bad TV shows go when they are canceled? They head to The T Dog Media Blog TV […]

The 25 Worst Sitcoms Ever – Maybe…

Emmy-award winning sitcom writer Ken Levine links to an article from TV Crunch on his blog, and it’s yet another worst TV shows list – only this time it is sitcoms post-1980 and it lists losers such as Webster, Mr. Belvedere, Charles in Charge, and others, ranked from #25 to #1. The problem I have with these lists is, ranking […]

The Toilet Bowl of 2007

There were a lot of forgettable moments in media in 2007, and we have them right here… First, let’s start off with the year’s worst TV, from #10 to #1: 10) The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News): This show still sucks. 9) Around the Horn (ESPN) Ditto. 8. Chicago Sports (various channels) What a great year for Chicago Sports! The Cubs […]

Another honor for Jerry

Here’s another award The Jerry Springer Show can proudly put on its trophy case: People in a Chicago Tribune poll voted the rabid show the worst show on TV with 19.8 percent of the vote. Gee, what a surprise! A few years ago if you recall, Jerry Springer was voted The worst show in history by TV Guide – and […]

Viva Las Whacked

After a very lackluster debut Thursday night, CBS’ new critically-scathed musical Viva Laughlin collapsed last night, drawing a historically low 1.2 among adults 18-49, finishing fourth in the time slot. Only the CW’s Life is Wild drew lower ratings, but that program is expected to be around for the long haul. See, this is what happens when you cast the […]

"Cavemen" gets sampled amptly

Cavemen and Carpooling had solid sampling last night, with Cavemen tying for #1 at 7 p.m. (CT) in adults 18-49 and winning the slot in adults 18-34. Given the fact Britney Spears’ Gimme More is number one on iTunes, it’s official – the dumbing down of America is complete.

"Anchorwoman" bombs (updated)

Anchorwoman earned a paltry 1.0 rating in adults 18-49 for Fox. It’s not a good sign when your reality show about a bimbo newscaster achieves the same ratings as actual newscasts on WBBM-Channel 2. And you thought the Baltimore Orioles had a bad night… UPDATE: Anchorwoman was canceled today, marking the first time Fox has yanked a show after one […]

Dumbest reality show of the year?

Ha. There are about one hundred of them in contention for that title. But the one that may win (non-Flavor of Love category) is Anchorwoman, a new short-term show airing on Fox tonight. The program features Lauren Jones, a former WWE diva, Barker’s Beauty, and current aspiring actress working for a ratings challenged CBS affiliate. No, it’s not WBBM-TV (Channel […]

Avoid this show?

Not since the debut of The Chevy Chase Show has a show has received such scathing reviews – and this program hasn’t debuted yet. Upcoming CBS reality show KidNation is coming under such scrutiny, this show could join My Mother, the Car, Me and the Chimp, and Cop Rock in the TV Hall Of Shame. Arthur Greenwald of TVNewsday (registration […]

"Pirate Master" walks the plank

This is not a repost of an earlier item, but CBS finally got rid of Goober and the Ghost Chasers, err… I mean, Pirate Master, dumping it with five episodes to go… And no, it’s not going to Saturday mornings (where ABC’s disposed sitcom Ailens in the Family once ended up…)

The Toilet Bowl 10

Here is the worst of the worst. We’re counting down the worst TV programs of 2006. Other blogs rank their lists from one to ten. Where’s the excitement in that? Why start at Number One? Here at the T Dog Blog, we do things differently. We’re counting them down Casey Kasem-style, from #10 to #1. Now, on with the countdown….. […]