"Do Not Disturb" checks out

If you had Do Not Disturb in your pool as the first program to be canceled this new season, you win! Fox officially dropped the Faulty Towers rip-off after three episodes. The program starred Jerry O’Connell and Niecy Nash (and where do outlandishly bad TV shows go when they are canceled? They head to The T Dog Media Blog TV Hall of Shame!)

For comparison’s sake, let’s look back at 1978. Back then not one, but two sitcoms were practically tied with each other as the season’s first fatalities. NBC canceled The Waverly Wonders after three episodes, which featured Joe Namath as a high school basketball coach who led his hapless team to defeat every week (much like in the ratings.) Meanwhile, ABC pulled the plug on Apple Pie at the same time. It was a sitcom set in 1933 Kansas City featuring Rue McClanahan as a woman who wants a family. So what does she do? She places an ad in the classifieds. Don’t ask what she ended up with. Like Wonders, Pie also lasted three episodes.

Here’s another sitcom stinker yours truly remembers because he actually watched it – The Trouble With Larry, a forgettable 1993 CBS sitcom with Bronson Pinchot and Courtney Cox. It too lasted three episodes.

And you thought sitcoms have changed in thirty years.