Dumbest reality show of the year?

Ha. There are about one hundred of them in contention for that title. But the one that may win (non-Flavor of Love category) is Anchorwoman, a new short-term show airing on Fox tonight.

The program features Lauren Jones, a former WWE diva, Barker’s Beauty, and current aspiring actress working for a ratings challenged CBS affiliate.

No, it’s not WBBM-TV (Channel 2) or WOIO-TV in Cleveland (home of a one-time semi-nude Sharon Reed) – though it could’ve been….

It’s actually CBS affiliate KYTX-TV in Tyler-Longview, TX – market number 111 – a station in the heart of George W. country, where traditionalism is the rule.

If you need any proof that local news (and network programming) has become a joke, this is it (although she does look hot…. You know yours truly will be tuning in….)

Note: Fox’s affiliate in Tyler-Longview – KFXK-TV is carrying Anchorwoman, according to the station’s website. Surprise, surprise…