The journey ends for "Journeyman"

NBC has apparently let its option to pick up the back-nine episodes of its Monday night drama Journeyman lapse, effectively canceling the show. Meanwhile, ABC has knocked Big Shots down to size by putting the low-rated drama on indefinite hiatus. The first initials of this drama pretty much describe this show. And it looks like CBS’ Kid Nation might not […]

Reap the rewards

Tonight’s pick to click (you at home select yours): –Reaper. This is a show that is check-out worthy. It’s a dramedy (yes, it’s a term we haven’t used since the Molly Dodd days) about a big-box employee who works for the Devil. Literally. You can read more in Maureen Ryan’s review of the show here. Should be a hoot. Meanwhile, […]

Picks to click: Three new shows debut tonight

Check out Chuck and The Big Bang Theory, both of which got mixed reviews. They are my picks to click for tonight (you at home select yours), as well as Heroes. On the other hand, skip Journeyman, as there have been many time-travel shows on the tube over the years (Quantam Leap, Time Trax), and this one isn’t necessarily better. […]