Critic’s corner: Yay, "Mad Men"

The semi-annual TV Critics Poll from TV Week is out, and it has AMC’s Mad Men as the best show and Fox’s Do Not Disturb as the worst. Yours truly has been reading lists from TV Week/Electronic Media for nearly 20 years, and its’always a fun read, whether I agree with them or not. Some observations: – Cable made its […]

Winter Critics’ Poll 2008

No surprises this time around in TV Week’s 2008 Winter TV Critics Poll (which the publication decided to bury deep in its website for some reason)- they picked Pushing Daisies as the best, and Cavemen and the now-expired Viva Laughlin as the worst. One notable drop in the best category was NBC’s Heroes, falling from #6 to #25, reflecting what […]

TMZ on TV gets bad reviews

No surprise there, from the Chicago Tribune (is Steve Johnson an Internet critic or a TV critic this week?) and the Boston Globe. The TV version of TMZ is pretty much like a sitcom. And like most of today’s sitcoms, the show isn’t funny or entertaining.

"Hot Ghetto Mess" a mess

State Farm and Home Depot have pulled their advertising from Hot Ghetto Mess, a new show about racial stereotypes that premieres on BET on July 25. Rats. And this comes one day after the critics’ polls for worst show comes out…. Makes them look silly for picking 24 as 2nd-worst show in TV Week.

The TV Week Summer TV critics poll

Sopranos No. 1; 24 winds up number 2 on the worst list! There’s another TV critics poll out there this week, this time it’s coming from the people who invented it: TV Week. The trade magazine put out its 46th TV critics poll the same time Broadcasting & Cable released theirs. The Sopranos ranked Number one in the poll, despite […]

National Bingo Night to return? WTF?

Latest B&C TV critics poll gives top honors to Sopranos, Heroes, and Office; National Bingo Night voted worst show. Despite the fact that National Bingo Night bombed in the ratings, ABC is giving the moribund show another chance, this time stripping the show five nights a week, beginning December 17, for that week only. ABC officials claim that the shows’ […]

TV Week 2007 Winter Critics Poll

The 2007 Winter Critics Poll is out from TV Week, and not surprisingly, The Wire is on top as best show (as it was in Broadcasting & Cable’s earlier TV Critics Poll), followed by Excellent 10 program Heroes (yay!), and The Office. Other notables: –Ugly Betty, another Excellent 10 favorite finished in a tie for fourth with Grey’s Anatomy. –Lost […]

Down to the wire

The Broadcasting & Cable TV Critics Poll is out, and HBO’s The Wire topped the charts for best overall show of 2006. The runner-ups included freshman sensation Heroes in second place, and 24 came in third. For best comedy they picked The Office, best drama went to The Wire, and best reality show went to The Amazing Race. As for […]