T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

– SciFi orders new Caprica: The SciFi Channel has greenlighted a new prequel for Battlestar Galactica titled Caprica. The prequel is set fifty years before Galactica‘s Cylon attack, with two rival families dealing with life on Caprica, including an emerging artifical intelligence sector on the planet. – The Big three networks have announced their new mid-season prime-time schedules, if you […]

T Dog’s 4 Pack

It’s another edition (and another new name) of the weekly winners and losers list, now called The T Dog’s 4 pack. Let’s hope this one sticks, as the last two titles were quite clunky. There are two 4-packs: one Fab, another Flop. Simple for you? I know it is for me… – T Dog’s Fab Four-Pack: President-Elect Barack Obama. Yes, […]

Who’s in your four, Edition III

The week that was: T Dog’s Fab Four – Jay Mariotti leaves the Sun-Times. Yes! Oh God, Yes! -Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech. Drew just as many viewers as the opening ceremonies of the recent Summer Olympics. – The U.S. men’s and women’s basketball team. The ladies brought home the Gold and the Redeem Team did likewise. Way to go! – […]

The TCA Post-Game show : Critics’ roundtable

Before TCA began, Broadcasting & Cable held a critics’ roundtable on what would they do if they ran the networks. Critics who participated included the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan and the Kansas City Star’s (and TV Barn’s) Aaron Barnhart. Among the observations: – ABC needs more comedies closer to Roseanne and Home Improvement, and not According to Jim and The […]

TCA: NBC, Part 2

More from NBC on the press tour junket: – Saturday Night Live was the first of 2,783 panels involving NBC at the tour. Creator Lorne Michaels talks about the upcoming election, Amy Poehler, Jay Leno (he’s leaving that alone), and “Laser Cats” (whatever that is.) – NBC had a sophomore panel of shows featuring Chuck, Life, and Lipstick Jungle. They […]

T Dog’s Think Tank: NBC encourging you to become a pirate

A deal was struck this week that may encourage people to join the Pirates. No, not the Pittsburgh Pirates, though they need all the help they can get. I’m talking about the world of download piracy. NBC last week renewed Friday Night Lights for a third season. The critically-acclaimed drama has struggled in the ratings for the past two seasons […]

"Price" 2, "Deal" 0

The Price Is Right did it again Friday night, giving away another one million dollars on its Million Dollar Spectacular prime-time special, when a contestant came within $500 of the retail price in the Showcase Showdown. Meanwhile, the hapless louts over at Deal or No Deal have yet to give anyway a million on their program, despite having thirteen million […]

Bulls fire head coach

Like the Blackhawks did in 1976 to their coach, and what happened to former Bulls coach Tim Floyd in 2001 (he resigned), Bulls coach Scott Skiles gets canned on Christmas Eve in 2007, fast becoming a Christmas tradition in Chicago. The Bulls, which are quickly becoming the NBC of the NBA, are 9-16, and were blown out in back-to-back games […]


ABC’s session gets very testy ABC entertainment chief Steve McPherson was forced to reveal the big news that he was holding for fans of Comic-Con down the road in San Diego on Thursday (thanks to prodding by a lot of pissed-off TV critics:) that Harold Perrineau was reviving his role as Michael on Lost. Meanwhile, the ABC television executive took […]

Reilly out

When NBC unveiled its fall schedule to upfront buyers, it seemed like the lineup was from 1977, not 2007. (The network was in last place then, too.) So, NBC fired Kevin Reilly and replaced him with producer Ben Silverman. He will move into the co-chairman role at NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Group with Marc Graboff. They had to […]

He Gone?

Hate to interrupt your Memorial Day, but here’s something more interesting than the ants getting into your potato salad: Reports are circulating that NBC has canned its entertainment president Kevin Reilly and is being replaced by former William Morris agent Ben Silverman. This comes as NBC is stuck in fourth place and its prime-time fall schedule could make it fifth […]