T Dog’s 4 Pack

It’s another edition (and another new name) of the weekly winners and losers list, now called The T Dog’s 4 pack. Let’s hope this one sticks, as the last two titles were quite clunky. There are two 4-packs: one Fab, another Flop. Simple for you? I know it is for me…

– T Dog’s Fab Four-Pack:

President-Elect Barack Obama. Yes, he can and he did. The first African-American elected to the White House. And change is coming. You hear that, Big Media?

Adult Swim picks up King of the Hill. Well, only repeats of the long-running Fox show. Beginning in January, AS will double-run the show every night from 9 to 10 p.m. This deal is separate from the current deals it has with FX and in broadcast syndication. The pickup comes as another Twentieth product (Futurama) shifted to Comedy Central last January.

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror: The nineteenth edition of The Simpsons’ annual Halloween show drew a 6.5 rating in the 18-49 demo, and 12.5 million viewers, the highest in several years. As for the episode itself, great job, especially the hilarious “It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse”.

Heroes. For not airing this past week and not making us sit through another mind-numbing episode!

T Dog’s Flop Four-pack:

Deal or No Deal (network version). For the second week in a row, no less. At the beginning of last Monday’s show, the producers promised to show The Banker’s face as part of the show’s 200th episode celebration. Instead, we get Howie Mandel falling into a cake, thus coining the phrase “Jump the Cake”. At least he didn’t put try to blow up a plastic glove over his head.

South Park vs. Family Guy. Personally, I’m tired of this inane rivalry. Not to defend Family Guy, but can Trey Parker shut up about how much the show sucks? Look, this isn’t WLS-WCFL in 1973 or Tampa-St. Pete’s Q105 and The Power Pig (WFLZ) in 1989 and 1990, as those Top 40 wars were more compelling – and interesting. In this DVR age we live in, TV show rivalries are quite outdated. And yes, this also includes Lost vs. Heroes. Let’s keep the rivalries to Cubs vs. White Sox, Yankees vs. Red Sox, and Bears vs. Packers (when the teams are good) – you know, the ones people actually care about.

NBC picks up Kath & Kim and Life for full season. Man, does this network ever cancel anything? With Ben “partying while sniffing white powder up my nose” Silverman and Marc “I’m Dick Cheney, the real Dick Cheney” Graboff in charge, no wonder the network is still in fourth place. Must-Flee TV, indeed.

ESPN. For those Presidential Candidate interviews during halftime on Monday Night Football with Chris Berman lobbing softie questions about sports to Barack Obama and John McCain. Talk about pointless, which pretty much describes Chris Berman…

Toss Up

DeAnna Pappas breaks up with Jesse. Yep, another Bachelor/Bachelorette breakup. But the cute DeAnna is now available… Woo Hoo!