Bulls fire head coach

Like the Blackhawks did in 1976 to their coach, and what happened to former Bulls coach Tim Floyd in 2001 (he resigned), Bulls coach Scott Skiles gets canned on Christmas Eve in 2007, fast becoming a Christmas tradition in Chicago.

The Bulls, which are quickly becoming the NBC of the NBA, are 9-16, and were blown out in back-to-back games over the weekend.

Interesting to note that both NBC and the NBA were partners in the ’90’s and since have gone their separate ways, both share the same characteristics – nobody wants to watch them, particularly in the nation’s two biggest markets – New York and Chicago, where the teams suck – and they have total boobheads running the joints into the ground.

The 2007 NBA Finals were the lowest rated of all-time and NBC posted record low numbers in the recent November sweeps.

Maybe Scott Skiles should become NBC’s next programming chief – after all, he has the credentials – he already knows how to screw up a losing team.

As for the person who is there now – Ben Silverman – I got a new job for him – The Bulls’ ballboy.