Radio trade All Access to close

It’s now in its 28th – and final year.

Latest media trade to close operations

In a stunning announcement published on their website Friday afternoon, online radio trade All Access announced it was closing its doors after 28 years due to the continuing economic difficulties hammering all traditional media. The move is effective August 15 at 8 p.m. CT. 

One of the first online trade magazines, All Access was launched in 1995 at the dawn of the internet and provided music news, online charts, and radio station personnel news. It was a valuable research tool to see what radio stations were playing and what formats they were in. 

“All Access began nearly 28 years ago and with the help of an amazing staff of professionals, the best in the business,” said founder and President Joel Denver. “We’ve weathered many changes and obstacles in the industry over these years. We’ve carved an incredible path and have taken each part of our operation to amazing levels of success through honesty, hard work, and passion for the radio industry, the music, the artists and our many readers, marketing partners, clients and our many contributing editors. Thank you all so much — we could not have done any of this without you.”

“The goal of All Access has always been to provide cutting edge content for all sectors of our business. We’ve strived to provide the best and most credible Net News coverage, help people find jobs and stay connected. We have been blessed with wonderful partnerships and have created many valuable services for all parts of the radio and music businesses and have the support of nearly 100,000 active users.”

All Access claims there were “major changes in the music industry made in January” that made them come to this decision, but did not specify what they were, stating only it was because of “severe financial headwinds” and “The dollars are just not there to support our operation and staff any longer.”

Ad revenue supporting these operations have been drying up for the last fifteen years, resulting in the closure of numerous trade publications in both radio and television as the use of traditional media continues to decline. Radio has been hit due to consolidation over the last two-and-a-half decades, resulting in reduced workforces all across the board. Among the publications – online or otherwise closing over the years include Electronic Media/TV Week (including the later blog-only version), Radio & Records, TV By The Numbers, TV Barn, TV Media Insights, Radio-Info, and numerous others. Even Broadcasting & Cable’s presence has been reduced, being folded into Next TV. Not helping matters is the lingering effects of the pandemic from three years ago, as those ad dollars haven’t bounced back and may never do so. 

Recently, another trade website (ShowBuzz Daily) announced they too, were closing their doors as the business for linear TV continues to decline. 

All Access gained rights to music charts from Mediabase, once a staple of Radio & Records until they were bought by the owners of Billboard. There’s no word on what online publication would pick up the rights. Currently, Inside Radio and Radio Online remain as free websites. 


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