Introducing MeTV: The Radio Station

5170358Weigel Broadcasting enters the radio business with an Oldies format

Get ready for MeTV – the radio station.

Weigel Broadcasting unveiled plans on what they have in store for the 87.7 frequency it is leasing from Venture Technologies.

Launching as 87.7 Me Tv FM and branded as Me Music – the station plans to offer an Oldies format with music targeted to Baby Boomers (adults 35-64) featuring tunes from the 1960’s and 1970’s, including music from the era not heard on local stations in many years.

MeTV of course, is the retro television network featuring classic TV programming from the 1950’s through the 1980’s which started locally on WWME-CA in 2005 and went national as a digital subchannel in 2008.

In introducing the project, Weigel Broadcasting Vice Chairman Neal Sabin said in a statement straight from the press release: “87.7 MeTV FM will differ from the current ‘classic hits’ format by playing a much broader range of music skewing on the pop/softer side including singer/songwriters, album tracks and hits deemed ‘oldies’ by some programmers but considered gold by our target audience. This is ‘Me Music’… memorable, easy music for everyone.”

Core artists include The Carpenters, Carly Simon, Neil Diamond, America, Motown Superstars, and more. Its soon to be competition (Classic Hits outlets WLS-FM and WJMK-FM) have long stopped playing hits from most of these acts.

Listeners can e-mail their song suggestions at

The exact date and time for the launch has not been determined, and no word on any on-air hires. On February 23, the station’s calls change to WRME-LP. A website is already up (MeTV.FM), but no word yet on streaming plans.

Currently, 87.7 FM is simulcasting WGN-AM, which took over from failed sports radio station The Game, which lasted only nine months. The 87.7 FM signal (also broadcast on analog Channel 6, and carried on Comcast cable at channel 877) previously hosted alternative, smooth jazz, and country formats.

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    • Omg. I lovvve this!!!! Love love LOVE!!
      a little boz scaggs would be soo nice: “love…look what you’ve done to me.
      Dont change please. Its time there was SOMETHING kind about chicago.

    • I am 69 years old and I think I know most of the music from the 60’s and 70’s. I am enjoying 87.7fm…..BUT you are playing some music even I don’t know. Need more Gary Lewis and the Playboys, more Mama’s and Papa’s, Supreme’s… songs like the lion sleeps tonight…….McMcathers Park….my list goes on and on, only the popular music from those days. People as myself who was totally into 6 transistor radio music back then, should know 90% of the music played. I LOVE THE NEW 87.7FM. Hoping you build a good library of oldies, I have been waiting a long time for a new oldies station !!! Thanks

    • Love, Love, Love 87.7 metv radio. Just wish I could locate it’s website so I can stream it through my computer at work. Thank you for bringing back the songs I grew up on!

    • Love the music, but got a newer vehicle, and the radio stops at 87.9, HELP!!!! You need another frequency away from the ends of the dial.

    • Need phone number

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