Friday afternoon TV shakeup: “Ironside”, “Welcome To The Family” out

Welcome To Cancellation.
Welcome To Cancellation.

Once again, it’s a busy Friday afternoon in TV land as the major networks made some major announcements:

Well, that didn’t take long: NBC made its first cancellations of the season, pulling the plug on the inane Welcome To The Family after three weeks and the unneeded revival of Ironside after four episodes. Both series join ABC’s Lucky 7 and CBS’ We Are Men as new network series canceled so far this season.

And there may be another cancellation waiting in the wings: ABC’s Chicago-shot Betrayal and Once Upon A Time: Wonderland could be the next casualty if ratings don’t improve.

The Ironside revival had Blair Underwood fill the late Raymond Burr’s role as a paraplegic police officer. Welcome was about a smart, young female who graduates from high school and then finds out she’s impregnated by her boyfriend (which some viewers found unbelievable as a premise.) The female is White; the guy is Hispanic; and the punchline is lost somewhere in this.

Though specials will likely fill in the slots in the interim, NBC did announce today it was bringing back Community on January 2, pushing Parks and Recreation into Welcome’s old slot. Unfortunately, the kids from Greendale College once again would have to face The Big Bang Theory.

NBC also announced the premiere date of new crime drama Chicago P.D.; its January 8.

While NBC announced cancellations, CBS did the opposite and picked up full season (22 episodes) commitments for The Millers, Mom, and The Crazy Ones as ratings have stabilized.  But as Chicago is concerned, its a different story as Ones – set in an advertising agency here in the Windy City, continues to decline in the ratings locally as Lewis Lazare notes.

The CW announced it was renewing America’s Next Top Model for a 12th season (or 21st cycle, whatever you want to call it), and is also bringing back the male/female format it christened this season. Model is the last remaining UPN show currently on the air.

Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine became the first freshman Fox show to get picked up for a full season. In addition, the The Tuesday night sitcom is being paired with New Girl to lead out of the Super Bowl, which airs on Fox February 2 as Fox has placed its Tuesday night sitcom block as a top priority, as evidenced by picking extra scripts for Dads.  Earlier this week, a full season pickup was announced for another Tuesday night show, ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.