T Dog’s Six Pack: Needing some extra “support”

Ah, lucky Providence, R.I. They get to see women in bras in the prime access hour. We Chicagoans get Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson.

You know, it’s hard to be a bra salesman these days in Providence when you have the Internet… and now you have infomercials running as early as 7 p.m.! Is it no surprise that 25% of all bra sales in Rhode Island are from Quahog? Some woman named Lois is a huge customer (not to mention Quagmire’s dates… oh, wait a minute, his dates don’t wear bras….) Anyway, here are the winners and losers from the past two weeks:

“They’re real… and they’re spectacular”. 

March Madness. CBS affiliates may not like it, but college hoops fans sure are: Ratings for the new format for this year’s tournament – with the addition of TBS, TNT, and TruTV and carrying the games in their entirety – resulted in an across-the-board ratings increase when you add the ratings from all four networks combined, as opposed to only CBS carrying the tourney in 2010. The move has been praised by critics and fans alike since due to the ability to channel surf between games. Harry Jessell from TVNewsCheck doesn’t like it, but who cares what he thinks? It should always be fans first. Broadcasters need to drop the RIAA-like attitude.

K-Hits. Okay, so the debut of K-Hits on WJMK has much as the same music its predecessor had (JACK FM.) But with local voices returning to the frequency for the first time in years (including old favorites Eddie & JoBo), it’s all good – and it just got better Monday with the hiring of former WLS-AM personality (and Larry Lujack’s sidekick) Tommy Edwards and the recent hire of former B96 jock George McFly.

Chicago Bulls.  Blowing out opponents on back-to-back nights! Weren’t LeBron James and Chris Bosh supposed to do this for the Miami Heat?

“These are phony as hell. And they leak.”

All My Children. What’s this? Erica Kane & Co. faltering? According to a report Monday in Deadline Hollywood, ABC is considering canceling the 41-year soap due to declining ratings and ballooning production costs. If Children does depart this fall, consider this another blow to WLS-TV’s ratings dominance as the station is already losing top-rated The Oprah Winfrey Show this spring. All My Children has been Chicago’s top daytime serial in the ratings dating back all the way back to the 1980’s. But with the series recently placing last nationally among six remaining soaps among women 18-49, it looks like Ms. Kane has sprung a “leak”.

The Bachelor. Really, why are people still watching this show with 25 “boobs” competing for the affections of an idiot. 13 million viewers for the finale (with reports of yet another breakup), easily winning its Monday night timeslot on March 7? It says a whole lot about our country as TV viewers.

WLNE. So Providence’s ABC affiliate decided nearly two weeks ago to pre-empt its low-rated 7 pm newscast for one night for an even lower-rated bra infomercial, soliciting ridicule from many in the industry – not to mention plenty of boob jokes. The station – which was in receivership – was purchased in auction March 22 by Citadel Broadcasting (no relation to the just-sold radio chain), headed up by Phil Lombardo. WLNE has been a weak performer for ABC for years and floated around a threat to drop the station’s affiliation if the auction winner wasn’t to the network’s liking (in 1995, CBS purchased then-ABC affiliate WPRI-TV – just to dump WLNE as an affiliate due to the outlet’s poor performance, ending an eighteen-year relationship. LIN Broadcasting now owns WPRI.)

But back to bra-gate for just a second… For those who thought WLNE’s 7 p.m. newscast should have aired, it could’ve been worse…They might have substituted The Cleveland Show instead.