CW’s 2010-11 lineup: We know drama – or so we claim

The CW celebrates its 5th season this fall with an eye popping nine dramas on its schedule, and one lone reality show, America’s Next Top Model. The network is also claiming it has an “all original lineup”, meaning no show will repeat itself on the schedule during the week (what, you thought they were running 52 weeks of original programming? HA!)

Of those nine dramas, two of them are new – Hellcats and Nikita, the latter a revival (there’s that word again) of the 1990s cable series.

CW did bring back most of its programming from last year, but let The New Melrose Place, High Society, and Fly Girls go.

To see the 2010-11 CW schedule, click here.

Thought: Mary J. Blige had a hit in 2001 with No More Drama. Can we ask that of CW? For the second year in a row, CW is the (almost) all-female angst network.

Okay, The Vampire Diaries is a hit, beating FlashForward in adults 18-49 in the first two weeks of the May sweep – give them props for that. Life Unexpected is a critical favorite and CW did the right thing in bringing the show back for a second season, but is expected to struggle in its Tuesday night time slot opposite a lot of strong competition.

But let’s face it – if it weren’t for NBC’s PR disasters this past season, we would’ve bashed The CW instead.

Mondays? Forget about it. Tuesday? See Monday. Wednesdays? What is exactly a Hellcat? And write Fridays off because this is Smallville’s and Supernatural’s (likely) final seasons.

The only night CW will be successful – modestly – will be Thursday with Vampire Diaries paired with yet another new version of Nikita (what is up with all these remakes?)

Wow. That analysis was quick. Because with The CW, there usually isn’t anything much to say.