Writer’s Guild Strike Roundup – 11/9/07

Writers Held Hostage: Day 5

– NBC is planning to lay off its Tonight Show and Late Night staff next week, but may rely on guests hosts on those shows beginning Nov. 19. Meanwhile, The Late Show with David Letterman will be in repeats next week.

– Ellen DeGeneres is under fire for crossing the picket line to work on her daytime talk show.

– Picketers staged a huge rally at Fox’s L. A. headquarters on Friday, with the most shocking revelation: The network fired all Family Guy assistants on the third day of the strike. Picketers also hit News Corp. headquarters in New York.

– Meanwhile, 102 staffers on NBC’s The Office lost their jobs this week, according to a grip who works on the show.

– California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are turning up the heat to get the two parties back to the bargaining table.

– CBS and 20th Century Fox are sending are sending letters to show runners stating the following: “Either return to work or we will take legal action.”

– Isn’t it odd that TV Week’s Strike Roundup is linking from rival publications Broadcasting & Cable and Variety? This strike is creating some kind of bizarro world.