The dual Hollywood strikes: Where things stand now

Both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are om strike outside of Paramount Studios in Hollywood. With no settlement in sight, the entire 2023-24 TV season for scripted shows could be wiped out When SAG-AFTRA joined the WGA on the picket lines on July 12, the entire industry shut down and the thinking was, this would spur some kind of progress in […]

Pens down: Writer’s Guild goes on strike

Both WGA West and WGA East walk off the job over numerous issues; strike likely to last months In a move that was expected, the Writer’s Guild went on strike Monday for the first time in fifteen years, shutting down Hollywood and suspending production on most late-night talk shows and a few daytime shows. The strike involves both WGA West […]

The Media Notepad: Chicago stations cover teachers’ strike

Also: NBC pulls two shows – but one is moving to digital. Fox 32 downgrades local show; Bless The Harts renewed for season two To say Chicago stations had a busy week is quite an understatement: in addition to reminding viewers (constantly) about re-scanning their sets, news stations were covering the second Chicago Public School Teachers strike in the last […]

Writer’s Strike, redux?

Here we go again? The story in Tuesday’s New York Post suggests another Writer’s Strike may be on tap, ten years after the last one crippled Hollywood for one hundred days. The Writer’s Guild of America is slated to start negotiations on March 13. The current three-year contract ends on May 1 – timed to coincide with the Upfront presentations […]

WGA, AMPTP reach new three-year deal

While there is currently labor discord in the NFL and with public employees in Wisconsin, there is labor peace in one place where there was turmoil nearly four years ago – Hollywood. The Writers Guild of America and The Association of Motion Picture of Television Producers – who represents the major Hollywood studios and the television networks – reached a […]

2007-08: The season from hell

This slogan isn’t just for Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears fans… It’s also used for a TV season that has been plagued by audience erosion, increases in alternative viewing options, and of course – a writer’s strike. TV Week analyzes the season remembered more for viewers fleeing for the exits from prime-time television more than anything else.

Sports ratings going up, up, and away

Maybe its the writers’ strike. Maybe its the Cubs’ post-season run. Maybe its the Blackhawks’ resurgence. Maybe its the Celtics and Lakers making noise in the NBA playoff race. Maybe its the hugely successful NFL post-season. Whatever it is, sports is gaining viewers from a year ago, and all sports are benefiting. Even a Cubs exibition game from nine days […]

The winners and losers of the strike

So, who won and lost in the just-concluded writer’s strike? Aaron Barnhart of TV Barn breaks it all down. One notable winner: Nikki Finke of LA Weekly and her Deadline Hollywood Daily blog, which proved more reliable than the trades (notably Variety) and the mainstream media in breaking the latest developments in the strike. One notable loser: David Letterman. All […]

Will the viewers come back?

All right, the strike is finally over. Now comes the toughest task of all: trying to win the viewers back. When Major League Baseball went on strike in 1994 and when the NHL players were locked out twice in the last fifteen years, it hurt both sports tremendously, and some teams are still feeling the effects. Locally, the Chicago White […]


It’s finally over. With 92.5 percent of the vote, the WGA on both coasts voted to return to work effective on Wednesday, ending the 14-week strike which cost everybody involved – the networks, the advertisers, the city of Los Angeles, the studios – and the writers. Snoopy: (c) United Features Syndicate, Inc.

Writer’s Strike to likely end on Tuesday

WGA West and WGA East are expected to vote on Tuesday whether or not to accept the tentative agreement hammered out by the studios and the guild. If the writers accept the deal (and that is likely the case), production could resume on many TV series by midweek. The WGA Strike Central section on the sidebar of this blog will […]

Lionsgate, Marvel sign interim deals with WGA

Independents Lionsgate and Marvel Productions have signed interim deals with the Writer’s Guild, meaning those entities are no longer struck companies. Lionsgate produces Mad Men for AMC and Weeds for Showtime, while Marvel Productions’ current projects the company is working on include Captain America and Thor. Marvel, of course, produced animated programs based on characters from Marvel Comics, including Spider-Man […]

Broadcast of Golden Globes canned

Finally, some good came from the writer’s strike… NBC will air a paired-down version instead. In other news, the guild has signed a side deal with United Artists, allowing the writers who work there to return to the job. This latest incarnation of the studio is partly joint-owned by Tom Cruise and long time production partner Paula Wagner.