Landecker out at WZZN

The last time radio legend John “Records” Landecker was let go from a position was in 2003 at then-oldies WJMK-FM. In 2005, the oldies format signed off at WJMK, which became Jack FM.

Now, Landecker has been dumped as afternoon jock at oldies outlet WZZN-FM. Landecker’s contract expires on Friday, but he did not show up for his afternoon shift today. Management forced him out after the media leaked the story of his pending departure.

See ya, “True Oldies Channel”.


2 thoughts on “Landecker out at WZZN

    • Thanks for that update. Anyone who heard Landecker rock on the WLS Memorial Day rewind knows he’s not nearly done. My quiet hope is that he ends up somewhere that he can play current music. I know it sounds insanely out of touch to say, but I’d put him in the afternoon slot at the Loop tomorrow.

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment and visiting the site.

      I also heard Mr. Landecker on the WLS Memorial Day rewind and he rocked (plus, it was nice to hear music on the AM dial again!) I think it was a mistake for Citadel to let him go, as his ratings were quite good in that slot. I don’t know about the Loop, though – they may be looking for somebody younger. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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