Emmy winners (updated)

30 Rock for Best Comedy (why?), The Sopranos for Best Drama (yawn), and The Daily Show for Best Variety, Music, or Comedy Series (yay!)

The Office also won an Emmy for Best Writing in a Comedy Series, while The Sopranos took home an Emmy for Best Writing in a Drama Series.

HBO led with 21 Emmys, while NBC had 19. The CW did not win any Emmys at all (were they even nominated?)

To view a complete list of Emmy winners, click here.

As for the show itself, well… let’s just say the person that made the most controversial comments on the show wasn’t Kanye West (who appeared in a bit that was quite funny), but Sally Field, who called for an end to the war in Iraq. She was bleeped on the show, as was Ray Romano (now, that’s a surprise…)

Ryan Seacrest wasn’t bad, and for those of you who want to criticize him, remember Bryant Gumbel a couple of years ago?

At least the Emmy didn’t have a distraction like the Academy Awards suffered earlier this year when some “major” celebrity died.

So how it do in the ratings? Second lowest rated Emmys ever, only beating the 1990 show, which was also aired on Fox (which at the time, was referred to as the “coat hanger network” – as in mostly UHF channels.)

updated 9:32pm

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