Welcome to the second season

They said it wouldn’t last…

They were WRONG.

We’re back. And ready for more.

I’m Terence, your master of ceremonies, and welcome to the second season of The T Dog Media Blog. We’re back, and ready to Rock the Casbah for season two.

This blog is targeted for media professionals, and we do a lot of serious stories in the business, and how they affect the industry, both locally and around the country.

But we also serve up some fun, too as many of our stories are offbeat reviews of the day’s media stories, in television, radio, print, and the Internet. So, it’s a 50/50 deal.

And yes, we do become quite opinionated on some of the posts, particularly when it comes to injustices, such as the unfair royalty fees that were being imposed of on webcasters and communist groups like the Parents Television Council, who are trying to impose their communist tastes on the viewing public. (See?)

And the Think Tanks are back too, but with a shorter name: From now on, they will be just known as T Dog’s Think Tank. It is a serious thought piece written by yours truly, on major media issues.

There were no shortage of stories to cover last season. From Don Imus to Amy Jacobson, from Howard McGee’s firing to Michael Richards, it was a wild ride. And this blog covered it all, thanks to hard working “staff” (which consists of me and… me.)

Yep, we developed quite an enemies list over the past year. We ripped the radio industry, the Sun-Times, Jay Mariotti, clueless network executives, the FCC, the RIAA, and numerous politicians. Yours truly has already been banned from posting on a few sites, including the Springfield Journal-Review and the Sun-Times. You think we’re going to let up in our second season? Heck, naw!

But we made a lot of friends as well, and to them, I thank you.

And I also want to thank everyone who has stopped by in the past year to visit the blog. Your support is greatly appreciated. We will continue to improve the site to serve your interests.

Plus, feel free to comment on any story on this site, as long if its profanity-free and spam-free (if it’s not, those comments will be deleted.)

And we are on Google! Type in “The T Dog Media Blog” in Google or Yahoo, and we will turn up.

So, without further to do, let’s go to season two!


Terence Henderson

Chairman of The T Dog Blog, Inc.

P.S. To inquire about job opportunities at the T Dog Media Blog, don’t. We’re owned by the Fiction Corp., and they don’t do a lot of hiring…