McMahon to address Benoit tribute

WWE chairman Vince McMahon will address viewers tonight on Sci-Fi Channel’s ECW show about the three-hour tribute show given to Chris Benoit last night on USA Network’s WWE Raw, which have received an ample amount of criticism.

ECW and Smackdown tapings will resume as of tonight. USA and Sci-Fi are cable networks owned by NBC Universal.

The WWE is also concerned about media reports regarding the gruesome deaths of Benoit and his family, some attributing that steroids were to blame for Benoit killing his family and then himself. Toxicology reports have yet to be completed.

Meanwhile, the storyline regarding the “death” of Mr. McMahon has been scrapped. A three-hour tribute show had been planned in honor of Mr. McMahon’s character Monday Night – that is, until the real life death of Benoit and his family occurred.