The 2007 T Dog Media Blog Turkey Awards

With the Pumpkin Pie Awards for Excellence Welcome to the second annual T Dog Media Blog Turkey Awards. Once again, we’re here to serve up the disasters in media in 2007. I have nineteen¬†turkeys to hand out… so let’s get gobbling! And this year’s awards go to… – The Chicago Bears. A Super Bowl hangover this year. And especially Rex […]

McMahon to address Benoit tribute

WWE chairman Vince McMahon will address viewers tonight on Sci-Fi Channel’s ECW show about the three-hour tribute show given to Chris Benoit last night on USA Network’s WWE Raw, which have received an ample amount of criticism. ECW and Smackdown tapings will resume as of tonight. USA and Sci-Fi are cable networks owned by NBC Universal. The WWE is also […]

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit found dead (updated)

This is legit. Chris Benoit and his family was found dead this morning just outside Atlanta. Tonight’s Raw show on the USA Network has been canceled and a tribute show on Benoit is airing in its place. UPDATE: Sadly, this turned out as a murder-suicide. Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his son, and hung himself in his weight room, according […]