Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Later today, We’ll post our top ten best Super Bowl commercials (along with video of the winner), but for now – here is the top ten worst (I suppose if Rex Grossman’s performance was an ad, it would easily top the list….)

Here’s the top ten (we’ll do the Casey Kasem style from 10 -to-1 – in the best SB commercials.)

1. Beat Your Risk (American Heart Association) – All those bad guys beating up on that heart – kinds of remind me of what the Colts did to Rex Grossman.

2. SalesGenie.com – Who and what is SalesGenie.com? Anyway, the commercial sucked.

3. Car Wash (Chevrolet) – This ad, which featured topless guys washing a car with women inside, was created by a college student. I think that student should find another major.

4. The Office – Marketing (Go Daddy.com) – This website is still around? Plus, that chick isn’t hot anymore.

5. Rollin VIP (Nationwide) – Eddie & JoBo’s best friend Kevin Federline is in it. All too real.

6. One Finger (E*Trade) – I would like to give the finger to the ad agency who came up with this lame commercial.

7. A Man’s Work (Van Heusen) – If you want to look and dress your best – don’t buy Van Heusen.

8. Not What It Seems (FedEx) – This commercial is Not Who We Thought It Was!

9. Biking (Flomax) – I rather listen to Sailing (Christopher Cross).

10. Meet The Robinsons Trailer (Walt Disney Pictures) – THIS should have been the promotion that caused that bomb scare in Boston last week. If it were, I’d be laughing my ass off.

You can view the ads at either Ad Critic.com or YouTube.


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