The Fall Arbitron books

Here are your radio Fall Arbs (+12) for: Chicago Quick analysis: Tribune’s WGN is first, but stumbled. Clear Channel’s Urban Contemporary WGCI is back in second place, while sister Urban AC WVAZ fell from fifth place to eighth (they announced a huge schedule change today – more on that later, so watch the blog.) CC’s WLIT surged to fifth place*, […]

It’s AC for CKG

Robert Feder is reporting that WCKG is expected to flip to an Adult Contemporary format, which could occur anytime between 7 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday. The format would target women 25-54, and would put it in direct competition with WLIT-FM. WLIT is expected to flip to Christmas music sometime in the next few weeks. Last year, WLIT flipped […]

Bulls head to WMVP

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago Bulls will announce this coming week a deal with ESPN-owned WMVP-AM to air games starting with the season opener on October 31. WMVP, or ESPN Radio 1000, was the home for Bulls basketball during the franchise’s glory years in the nineties. In 2006, the Bulls took their radio broadcasts in-house and bought […]

McNeil suspended from WMVP. Again.

Dan McNeil of ESPN-owned WMVP-AM has been suspended for three days for calling a female Comcast SportsNet producer a bad name on the “Mac, Jurko, & Harry” show on Tuesday. He slammed her for showing that fan running on the field at Wrigley Monday Night during a Cubs-Rockies game (Perhaps McNeil didn’t see highlights of that Argentina soccer riot on […]