The Fall Arbitron books

Here are your radio Fall Arbs (+12) for:


Quick analysis: Tribune’s WGN is first, but stumbled. Clear Channel’s Urban Contemporary WGCI is back in second place, while sister Urban AC WVAZ fell from fifth place to eighth (they announced a huge schedule change today – more on that later, so watch the blog.) CC’s WLIT surged to fifth place*, thanks to Christmas music (asterisk noted.) Citadel’s WLS-AM surged to seventh, thanks to the upcoming election season. And CBS’ new WCFS-FM (Fresh) improved on WCKG’s old numbers, but has a way to go to catch WLIT (well, not that much.) Finally, ESPN-owned WMVP-AM beat CBS-owned WSCR-AM in the battle of all sports stations, but the men 25-54 target demos will tell more of that story.


Quick analysis: WTMJ-AM is still first, and by an overwhelming margin over second-place WMYX-FM. Clear Channel’s Country outlet (WMIL-FM) took a huge tumble – down three full points – but hung on to fourth place. Saga’s Urban AC outlet (WJMR-FM) finished fifth, ahead of urban contemporary WKKV-FM, which finished in a tie for seventh with Saga’s Rock station The Hog (WHQG-FM).