Radio’s Renaissance

It looks like the NBA, NHL, and the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t the only ones having a renaissance – According to Kurt Hanson, radio is having one, too (and the recent AOL-CBS Internet radio streaming deal cements that point.) Maybe radio isn’t dead after all – you know, unlike the Bulls’ current season.

Will the viewers come back?

All right, the strike is finally over. Now comes the toughest task of all: trying to win the viewers back. When Major League Baseball went on strike in 1994 and when the NHL players were locked out twice in the last fifteen years, it hurt both sports tremendously, and some teams are still feeling the effects. Locally, the Chicago White […]

WLS-TV relaunches website

WLS, and other ABC owned-and-operated stations, including top-rated outlets WABC-TV in New York, KABC-TV in Los Angeles, WPVI-TV in Philadelphia and KTRK-TV Houston relaunched their websites over the weekend, with large Flash video players and added more video to make their websites “more like a TV newscast”. Check out WLS’ new website here. (Thought: I like the new site. It’s […]

"Deal" has highest web traffic

NBC’s Deal or No Deal has the highest web traffic of any TV show site last week with 15% of the market share, ahead of second-place Dancing With the Stars, according to Hitwise. Is it because viewers are being drawn to the site for the chance to win prize money? Or is it because guys like me want the prize […]