WLS-TV relaunches website

WLS, and other ABC owned-and-operated stations, including top-rated outlets WABC-TV in New York, KABC-TV in Los Angeles, WPVI-TV in Philadelphia and KTRK-TV Houston relaunched their websites over the weekend, with large Flash video players and added more video to make their websites “more like a TV newscast”.

Check out WLS’ new website here. (Thought: I like the new site. It’s easier to navigate and isn’t as cluttered as before. Plus, you no longer have that annoying guy popping up to sell you a Toyota.)

WorldNow, a new media company founded by former Genesis Entertainment founder Gary Gannaway, is handling the video on the ABC local station websites.

To this day, Genesis Entertainment is the only syndicated television company in history to successfully launch all of its syndicated shows (that is, at least getting them on the air.) Gannaway sold Genesis to New World Entertainment in 1994, which in turn was sold to News Corporation (Fox) two years later. Gannaway co-founded WorldNow in 1998, which specializes in providing media companies with web publishing, streaming video, and advertising solutions.

updated at 5:20 p.m.