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Garry Meier’s move to Internet radio won’t revolutionize it

If one thought positively about Garry Meier’s move from WGN-AM to WGN’s Internet feed, one could think he would do for Internet Radio what Howard Stern has done [..]

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New Internet radio royalty rate reached

The long standing battle between the RIAA and SoundExchange, and Internet radio webcasters is finally over after a long two-year battle. The parties reached an agreement today on [..]

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Senate passes Webcaster Settlement Act

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for Internet radio fans. The Senate passed the Webcaster Settlement Act on Tuesday, which enables Internet streamers to [..]

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T Dog’s Think Tank: Oh, stop your crying

XM and AOL have ended their partnership as advertised, effective today. AOL signed a deal with CBS Radio a few months ago, and is scheduled to go into [..]

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Internet radio at death’s door again?

This comes after Yahoo! and AOL are considering shutting down their Internet radio operations after a 38 percent increase in royalties to air their music. Both are reportedly [..]

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Small webcasters sign deal with SoundExchange

Twenty-four small webcasters have signed deals with SoundExchange to continue to stream. The agreements to pay royalty fees are in effect until the end of 2010. The rates [..]

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Webcasters, SoundExchange, record labels come to an agreement

The major record labels and SoundExchange have come to an agreement with large webcasting companies over terms concerning the rates those webcasters have to pay for streaming. According [..]

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Online radio saved – for now

Internet radio has nine lives it seems – In a startling turn of events, Sound Exchange said yesterday in front of Congress that it will not enforce the [..]

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Game over?

The U.S. Court of Appeals has rejected a stay requested by webcasters to delay a rate increase instituted by Sound Exchange on July 15 that would put a [..]

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The craziness ends here

Robert Feder in today’s Sun-Times is reporting that “Crazy” Howard McGee will be dropped as morning host at Clear Channel urban contemporary station WGCI-FM and being replaced by [..]

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Showdown looming in Congress over Internet radio

It looks like the fate of Internet radio is going to hinge on Congress. Four major companies who stream on the web – RealNetworks, Yahoo, Pandora, and Live [..]

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Small webcasters may get a break in royalties

It looks like the congressional heat is getting to the RIAA and Sound Exchange… The dastardly duo has offered a deal to small webcasters to roll back royalty [..]

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Internet radio bill introduced

Two lawmakers have introduced a bill to reverse the net radio royalty increase fee that goes into effect on May 15. Reps. Don Manzullo (R-Ill.) and Jay Inslee [..]

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According to a story in Radio and Records, the Sound Exchange, which distributes and collects royalties from Internet broadcasters, are in negotiations with some commercial and non-commercial (public) [..]

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T Dog Media Blog Think Tank: The day the music died

While America is still debating whether or not radio personality Don Imus should have been fired for comments he made about the Rutgers womens’ basketball team, something else [..]

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