T Dog’s Think Tank: “Survivor” tackles race and fails

              Last week’s episode told what a lot of us already know: Hollywood really doesn’t respect people of color On Grey’s Anatomy, they had the Ferry Boat accident. For The Simpsons, it was changing the backstory of the series to create a lame plot on how Homer Simpson “discovered” grunge music. For this show, […]

"Survivor’s" back, baby!

WARNING: Contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode, don’t scroll down… Although ratings are down slightly from a year ago, there’s no denying Survivor is back from the dead. If you can recall (here’s hoping you don’t), yours truly ripped the program for being too bland and predictable last fall (most of the profanity from that post is gone, […]

T Dog’s Think Tank: Hello? You Play To Win The Game! (TV-MA)

Yours truly posted this on the PI Feedback forum regarding Thursday night’s episode of Survivor: Rant ahead: It gets kind of boring listening to these guys talk about strategy every week for ten minutes. Why “Survivor” still dominates the ratings every week is something I can’t figure out, let alone the stupid twists (maybe it’s that.) What’s with this crap […]