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WGA, AMPTP reach new three-year deal

While there is currently labor discord in the NFL and with public employees in Wisconsin, there is labor peace in one place where there was turmoil nearly four [..]

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It’s finally over. With 92.5 percent of the vote, the WGA on both coasts voted to return to work effective on Wednesday, ending the 14-week strike which cost [..]

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Writer’s Strike to likely end on Tuesday

WGA West and WGA East are expected to vote on Tuesday whether or not to accept the tentative agreement hammered out by the studios and the guild. If [..]

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Click here for details. UPDATE: At 2:51 p.m.. Details are emerging of the tentative agreement. You can click here to read.

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Director’s Guild, AMPTP reach new deal

And in only six days. All right -Writer’s Guild, AMPTP – your turn. Let’s end this strike.

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Strike gets nastier

With the Screen Actors Guild boycotting the Golden Globes and the WGA about to enforce its strike rules against Jay Leno (which NBC said is a violation of [..]

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AMPTP offers WGA a digital proposal

The AMPTP has offered the WGA a “Digital Plan” regarding payments of residuals from new media (i.e. the Internet, DVDs, etc.). The WGA says it will take four [..]

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Writers to strike after talks break off

Broadcasting & CableTV Week

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Talks to resume on Sunday

The AMPTP and the WGA will return to the bargaining table Sunday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time in hopes to avert a Writer’s Strike that will kick off [..]

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