Welcome to the eighth season

eight-ballToday marks the start of the eighth season of The T Dog Media Blog – now known as T Dog Media. And before this gets stale, yours truly is taking this strange new places!

Alright, enough of the burping.

Yes, it’s hard to believe I started this with just a flimsy blog on Google’s blogger back on September 18, 2006. Today, T Dog Media is now a somewhat well-known website, read by industry professionals, and those who have a vested interest in radio, television, sports, and geek stuff.

When I started, “social media” was restricted to blogging and MySpace. Today, its defined by Twitter (which T Dog Media has been on since 2009), Facebook (since 2012) and Google Plus (since 2013.) To reach an audience, being on social media is a must – and that’s why you’ll be seeing more and more original material on Facebook and Google Plus before you see it on TDogMedia.com, so please like the Facebook page and join the circles on Google Plus.

Before 2009, yours truly would update the site with news updates, but now, its become more of a media commentary site – sometimes satirical, sometimes serious: giving thoughts on what’s going on in the media industry. Today I use Twitter for media news updates (and quick commentary), and you can follow me at www.twitter.com/tdogmedia.

Lastly, if you’re now just reading this website for the first time, or you’ve been here since the beginning, I would personally like to thank you for your patronage. I really appreciate your support and without you, this site would not be possible. The upcoming fall will be a exciting one, even if the TV season likely won’t be and having to look at and listen to Rebel Wilson won’t be a Super Fun Night.

Oh, there I go again…


Terence Henderson

T Dog Media

[Editor’s Note: Removed YouTube video whose rights expired. – T.H.]